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Vietnam Power Station EH Circulating Junction filter QTL-250

Vietnam Power Station EH Circulating Junction filter QTL-250
YOYIK produced by the development of agents. I plant production of various
types of accessories up to tens of thousands of varieties, commodity varieties
have been widely covered in the power plant hydrogen oil and water systems,
roof pump system, regeneration system equipment, anti-fuel system, recycling
system, sealed oil system, stator cooling water system, Purification equipment
and other important system. Mainly used in power plants, steel mills, cement
plants, chemical plants, shipyards and many other areas of industrial areas,
but also to promote high-quality products, establish a brand image to lay a
good foundation.

YOYIK provides multiple types of spare parts and equipments for power plant :
#DF-EH Circulating Junction filter QTL-250-DF
filter GY93-25*30
BFP CV/LCV actuator oil filter ZTJ.00.07
filter FBX (TZ)-160*20
Air filter BDE400F2W1.X/-RV0.003
filter HDX-160*30
filter WV160X100J
EH oil filter C9209009
filter 4PD140*400E15C
filter FAX-800*30
filter GP400*10Q2
oil filter WU-H40*60S
filter GX-25*5
EH oil pump circulating filter HPH43.DHR512.005
filter HY-3-001
filter CFASX-1100*180
filter HX-160*10Q2
EH oil pump suction filter HPU-V100A
filter LX-250*100
filter FRD.5TK6.8G3
oil filter ZU-H400*10FS
filter 0140D005BN3HC
filter FAX-63*10
filter DP2B01EA01V/-F
filter 20-20113-31
filter HX.BH-63*30W
filter STXX-63*10
oil filter precision filter DR913EA03V/-W
filter TZX-E63*10Q
oil filter ZU-A100*20BS
EH oil actuator inlet filter DP201EA03V/-W
filter TZX2-40*10Q2
filter ZX-250*180
filter FBX (TZ)-630*30
Filter HP0501A10VNP01
deacidification filter HQ25.300.23Z
EH Circulating Junction filter QTL-250

filter SFAX-800*5
filter TFX (ZX)-100*180
filter NX-25*1
filter HX.BH-250*40Q
filter FAX (NX)-1000*30
filter HX-40*30Q
filter TFX-160*180
filter 21FC1421-140*250/14
filter HC2207FDP3H
filter TZX2I-160*10
filter LXM15-45
filter YSF10-50
Filter element HQ25.300.25Z
filter DP6SH201EA10V/W
filter HX.PH-63*10Q2
filter TZX2I-250*20
filter STZX2-25*1
filter HDX-400*20
filter JX-800*80
filter PQX-450*5Q3
filter GX-160*5
oil filter XUI-A25*30S
EH oil tank air filter HH-KLQ-001
Drive shaft gland SR-100V
filter SFBX-800*20
filter WU-250*80J
filter STXX-40*5
actuator filter 20-20113-3E
Actuator Suction Filter W.38.Z.000206
Drive sharft(Upper part connected to reducer) SR-106V
oil filter Q3U-A63*3S
filter STZX2-63*10
oil filter Q3U-A100*5BS
oil filter Q2U-H100*30S
cellulose filter HY-1-001HTCC
EH oil supply device filter HPU-V100/A
EH Circulating Junction filter QTL-250


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