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Date/Time:  1/28/23 2:28 GMT

Vinyl resin, vinyl chloride resin, vinyl terpolymer resin, coplymer resin

Vinyl copolymer resin, similer to VYNS-3,VYHH,VYHD, Vinno H40/50
Vinyl terpolymer resin, similer to VMCH, Vinnol H15/45M
Vinyl terpolymer resin, similer to VAGH, VAGD, VAGF, VROH, Vinnol E15/40A, Vinnol
Vinyl chloride and vinyl isobutyl ether copolymer, similer to MP-45,MP-25

Vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate terpolymer resin

Typical applications:
marine and metal coatings,
cans sealed coatings, aluminum foil varnish,
adhesive for staple, shoe adhesive, floor paint,
cement paint, silk screen printing and transfer ink.

Hydroxyl-Modified Vinyl Chloride and Vinyl Acetate Terpolymer Resin


Typical applications:
Polyester gravure inks and anti-steam, boiled inks,wood and metal paint together
with PU and Alkyd resin. Flexible packaging and binder in magnetic tape;General
metal and container coatings;Wood finishes and paper coatings;Industrial
Maintenance;Marine and maintenance coatings.

Vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate copolymer resin:

CYNS---DOW VYNS-3,Vinnol H11/59
CYHH---DOW VYHH,Vinnol H15/50
CYHD---DOW VYHD, Vinnol H15/42
C40/50---Vinnol H40/50

Our factory is a 22years professional VC-VA terpolymer resin/ vinyl resin
manufacturer in China!
Our price is competitive one in China!
It covers about 50,000 cubic meter, hydroxyl-modified terpolymer vinyl resin VAGH
and VAGD counter types output 10,000 MT per year; carboxyl-modified terpolymer
resin VMCH, VMCC counter types and VC-VA copolymer vinyl resins counter types
output 50,000 MT per year.
We have REACH registration and ISO 9001.

Minimum Order: 1 metric tons

Vinyl resin, vinyl chloride resin, vinyl terpolymer resin, coplymer resin
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