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VIS-VLI700A Series Digital Infrared Transmitter

VIS-VLI700A Series Digital Infrared Transmitter
The transmitter is the central device in the language distribution system. It
accepts analogue or digital input, modulates these signals onto carrier waves
and transmits these carrier waves to radiators located in the room.
● Compliant to IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914 and the latest national standard GB
● Compatible with any other IR simultaneous interpretation system compliant
to IEC 61603-7
● DQPSK digital modulation/demodulation technology
● Transmitting in 2~8 MHz frequency band eliminates disturbance from high
frequency lighting systems
● Capable of distributing of 4,8 or 16 audio channels
● Auxiliary mode for distribution of music to all channels during a break
● Slave mode for distribution of signals from another transmitter allows
multiple rooms to be used
● Radiator and system status indication via display and indicators
● Each transmitter can be assigned a unique name by the installer for easy
identification in a multi-transmitter system
● Automatic distribution of emergency messages to all channels
● Automatic synchronization to the number of channels in use by the CLEACON
● Each audio channel can be assigned a language name for easy identification
● The sensitivity of each input is adjustable, the audio level can be fine-
tuned, and the audio input level indication is supported
● Flexible configuration of channels and channel quality modes: Mono,
standard quality, maximum 16 channels Mono, perfect quality, maximum 8 channels
Stereo, standard quality, maximum 8 channels Stereo, perfect quality, maximum 4
● With 16 interpretation output channels for recording
● Universal power facility allows worldwide use
● Conference hall privacy; the congress venue itself acts as a barrier to
infrared signals escaping and being overheard, as infrared is unable to pass
through opaque objects such as walls
● Suitable for various kinds (small/medium/large international) of conference
halls and outdoor venues
● Can directly connect with interpreter desk VIS-INT64
● With 16 channel analogue audio input and 16 channels analogue audio output.
● 2 transmitters can work as master and slaver mode for 32 channel language
● Connecting to Dante network by optional Dante port
Model for Order
VIS-VLI700A-4........... 4 Channels Digital Infrared Transmitter
VIS-VLI700A-8........... 8 Channels Digital Infrared Transmitter
VIS-VLI700A-16..........16 Channel , s Digital Infrared Transmitter
VIS-VLI700A Series Digital Infrared Transmitter
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