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Visual Sheet Metal Inspection System

Visual Sheet Metal Inspection System sheet metal inspection 2d
inspections systems

The fastest 2D measurement system in the world
Sheet Metal Inspection System
The manufacture of sheet metal parts is particularly difficult. Compared with
other industries such as metal processing, the production cost of each
component is very low. This reduces the available resources for the quality
control process, although sheet metal parts are often used in the most
demanding applications, such as aerospace or automotive or large-scale
production operations, all of which require inspection.

Difficulties in sheet metal inspection
Which kind of sheet metal inspection methods you uesd? Are there various
processes and steps in your production business? Are you stamping, bending,
joining, manufacturing, or welding sheet metal? sheet metal inspection tools
will check the quality in the early stages of your process. Confirm that this
part is worthwhile. Before applying for all other stages of labor, determine
whether you will send it to scrap metal.

When producing small products running in more common applications, a typical
sheet metal part is usually painted, formed and welded. Finding missing holes,
insertions or folds at the end of the just-in-time assembly process will
destroy the delivery date. This may cost customers thousands of times higher
than the value of the parts. In the world of sheet metal cutting, simply
providing a free replacement part will not simply cut it! Even when the part is
produced, accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

You need an automated solution-2D inspection of sheet metal
The sheet metal inspection equipment is specially designed for quality control
and reverse engineering applications in the sheet metal industry. The system
can be used to quickly measure or reverse engineer plane parts that have been
manufactured on laser, plasma and water jet cutting systems, as well as
stamping and some stamping parts.

This visual sheet metal inspection system is an all-in-one system integrates
optics, electron, 2D image measurement and computer image processing technology
that means it can capture 2D size of the first article (FIA) as well as finish
error test instantly. It has multi functions such as image capture, caliper
simulation, stitching measurement, auto match, one-click measurement, error
test, report generation and autonomic dormancy, meanwhile it is characterized
by wide measurement range, precise error test, simple and convenient operation.
Only 20 seconds need to be taken in the detecting process, it is the fastest
and most precise as well as the lowest cost and least energy consumption highly
intelligent zed inspection system of FAI in sheet metal industry.

The visual sheet metal inspec , tion system integrates optics, electron, 2
D image measurement and computer image 
, processing technology, meanwhile, it has the
Visual Sheet Metal Inspection System
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