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Vitamin K2

Product Name:Vitamin K2
Specifications::Powder(20;35):0.2% , -2%Recommended: :
0.2%、1%、1.3%、2%;Oil(20;35):0. , 2%-6%Recommended: :
Appearance , :Yellow crystals powder;Clear transparent oil
CAS No. :MK-4(20):863-61-6
MK-7(3 , 5)Vitamin K2 (MK-7) is a type of vitamin K2, that is,
vitamin K2 contains 7 isoprene units on the side chain, which
is a fat-soluble vitamin and one of the indispensable
important vitamins in the human body.
MK-4(20)Tetraenemenadione, also known as vitamin K2, is a
naturally occurring vitamin containing menadione basic
structure and anti bleeding effect. In 1929, DAIM found that
there are two kinds of vitamin K in nature, K1 and K2, both
of which are naphthoquinone compounds. This product is yellow
crystal or oily liquid, insoluble in water, easily soluble in
organic solvents and vegetable oil, heat-resistant, but easy
to be damaged by light. It can promote the synthesis of
prothrombin in the liver and regulate the synthesis of
coagulation factors VII, IX and X, so as to accelerate blood
Function and Usage:
(1) Vitamin k2 is treatment and prevention of osteoporosis,
vitamin K2 generate bone protein, and then together with the
calcium of bone formation, increase bone density and prevent
(2) Vitamin K2 can prevent progression to liver cirrhosis.
(3) Vitamin k2 can Promote the formation of prothrombin,
accelerated blood clotting, maintain normal clotting time.
(4) Vitamin k2 can Strengthen the liver's detoxification
function, and can lower blood pressure.
Advantage of Jianhe’s product:
10 years professional experience in botanic extract.
Honest and reliable sales and service team.
Excellent industry reputation, trustworthy kin grain factory
Quick and reliable, timely delivery of the goods
Storage Condition:Sealed, avoid light, moisture
Shelf Life:2 years

Minimum Order: 25 kilograms

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