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VM2.5 diesel common rail engine training bench

1、Product overview
The training table to the Italian VM 2.5T diesel engine with manual
transmission total becomes the basis, through the demonstration of the training
table, can clearly understand the structure and function of the diesel engine
and manual transmission, facilitate students to grasp the structure and
principle of the diesel engine and transmission faster, improve students'
initial understanding of the diesel engine and manual transmission, so that
students understand the engine and transmission to play a more intuitive and
more In-depth teaching purposes, is the most ideal teaching equipment for the
theory and maintenance of the engine and transmission system practical training
of the automotive school.

2、Main components
Italian VM 2.5T diesel engine assembly, supporting manual transmission
assembly, engine electronic control unit, combined instrumentation, ignition
switch, fault setting system, fuel tank, battery, diagnostic socket, cooling
system (water tank, fan, fan cover, upper and lower water pipe), exhaust
system, and the engine computer pin one-to-one correspondence of the signal
detection area, LED indicators, signal voltage meter, safety cover, can Mobile
table, etc.

3、Functional features
(1) The engine works normally, the real reflection of the structure of the
diesel engine and manual transmission composition and working process,
configuration circuit detection panel and operation control panel, the engine
can be real operation and various working conditions of the actual operation,
can complete the composition of the structure of the electronically controlled
diesel engine, working principle, system diagnosis, fault assessment and other
practical training projects.
(2) Engine training table with dynamic operation and display function, the
original instrumentation, digital table real-time display dynamic and static
engine signal parameters, start the engine can demonstrate the real dynamic
engine system work process, through the manipulation of the gas pedal can be
engine idle, rapid acceleration and other working conditions of the test.
(3) Assembled with LED lights to display the working state of the injector
pulse and ignition pulse-related components.
(4) Teaching panel installed with a complete color engine electronic control
system circuit working principle diagram, ECU terminal function, injection
system LED indication, etc., to facilitate the teacher to explain the system
knowledge more intuitively, against the complete engine system circuit diagram
on the panel can be actually measured through the detection terminals of each
sensor, actuator static and dynamic numerical parameters.
(5) The training table is installed with a diagnostic socket, which can be
connected to a special or general-purpose car decoder to read fault codes,
clear fault codes, read data streams and other engine self-diagnostic functions
for the engine electronic control system.
(6) Self-diagnostic functions: dynamic and static data stream reading, fault
code reading, waveform analysis, actuating component action testing and other
(7) Electronic control system detection function: teaching panel is installed
with computer lead terminal, can use multimeter and oscilloscope to detect the
sensors and actuators resistance, voltage, frequency, waveform.
(8) The training table is equipped with a fault-setting assessment device
suitable for teaching, which can set one and more common faults to meet the
assessment requirements of vocational skills teaching.
(9) The training table measurement panel is painted with colorful spray-painted
circuit diagrams, using 4mm thickness of high-strength aluminum composite panel
UV spray-painted, with a large temperature difference, wear-resistant,
moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, not easy to deformation, long service life,
bright colors, not easy to fade and so on.
(10) Training table is made of high-quality steel welding, high-temperature
spraying process, with high strength, corrosion resistance, long life, etc. The
table frame with self-locking casters, flexible movement, safe, reliable,

4、Technical parameters
Table size: 1600 * 1000 * 1800mm (L * W * H)
Working power: 12VDC

Minimum Order: 1 sets

VM2.5 diesel common rail engine training bench
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