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Water-soluble fertilizer with large amount of elements

Product:Water-soluble fertilizer with large amount of elements
Properties:A large number of elements water-soluble fertilizer is a liquid or
solid product which is dissolved or diluted by water and used for irrigation
and fertilization, foliar fertilization, soilless cultivation, seed soaking and
root dipping.
(1)completely dissolved in water. Complete water-solubility, especially good
purity, suitable for all fertilization systems, can be used for bottom
application, flushing application, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation,
foliar spraying, etc. .
(2) nutrition. It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as
moderate amounts of calcium, magnesium and sulfur, and some of the necessary
micronutrient, manganese and iron. The total content of a large number of
elements is not less than 50% , the content of a single element is lower, not
less than 6% . The balanced ratio of multi-elements required by plants can
completely meet the needs of agricultural producers for high quality and high
stability products.
(3)easily absorbed. The micronutrient is present in the product in a chelated
form, which can be completely absorbed by the crop.
(4)environmental protection. Super pure raw materials, no impurities, low
conductivity, can be applied to a variety of vegetables, flowers, fruit trees,
tea, cotton, tobacco, lawn and other Cash crop.
(5)Harmless. Rich in macromolecules, factors need, rich in soil and crops
need, factors, can improve the soil, improve soil fertility, water retention
capacity, so that the soil resistance is greatly enhanced.
(6)Good compatibility. Can Be mixed with most pesticides (except strongly
alkaline pesticides) to reduce operating costs.
Applications:A large number of element water-soluble fertilizers can be divided
into equilibrium, high nitrogen type, high phosphorus type, high potassium type
and special fertilizer according to the different ratio of elements.
(1)The balanced water-soluble fertilizer is very effective for the nutrient
imbalance of farmland, especially for the soil, which can meet the nutrient
requirements of the whole growth period of crops, has a wide range of
application, contains a high proportion of nitrate and urea nitrogen, and
improves the supply of balanced nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, rapid
growth of thick green leaves, roots and stems in equilibrium. Prevent
overgrowth of crops, balance nutrition, improve yield, enhance quality.
development of crop growth, growth and reproduction, and enhance the ability of
crops to resist adversity.
root system, flower bud differentiation, preserve flowers and fruits, improve
fruit setting rate, contain a large number of buffer ions, can meet the
requirements of acid crops to the environment, at the same time, it is also
very helpful to the improvement of alkaline soil.
(4)High-potassium water-soluble fertilizer is suitable for use after fruit-
setting of crops. It can reduce fruit dropping, reduce abnormal fruit, make
fruit size uniform, expand fast, color fast, skin smooth and shiny, and
increase sweetness, it can increase the output and improve the quality at the
same time.
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