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Welded Wire Gabions

Metech Welded Mesh Inc offers high-quality welded wire gabions, suitable for a wide range of applications including civil engineering, landscaping, and erosion control projects. Our products come in various types and with complete specifications, and we can customize them according to customer requirements. Unlike traditional twisted wire gabions, our welded wire gabions are made from wire mesh panels welded at intersections for increased rigidity and uniformity. These are then shaped into rectangles or cubes and filled with stones or rocks, resulting in durable, permeable, and visually appealing structures.
Materials and Coatings for Welded Gabions

Welded wire gabions are made from high-strength, durable steel wire. The coatings include:
Galvanized Coated Welded Gabions

Galvanized Coating: Applies a zinc layer to steel wire, protecting against rust and corrosion. This is the standard protection method, ensuring long-term durability under various conditions.
PVC Coating: Adds a PVC layer to galvanized wire, offering extra corrosion resistance from water, soil, and chemicals, along with UV protection. Available in various colors, it helps the gabions blend with their environment.
Galfan Coating: A zinc-aluminum alloy coating that provides superior corrosion resistance compared to standard galvanization, significantly extending gabion life, particularly in harsh or marine settings.
Welded Wire Gabions
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