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Date/Time:  6/20/22 5:43 GMT

What is the sign of a mature hydraulic valve manufacturer? AAK defined it

We have an old hydraulic valve customer in South America. He has only two
hydraulic valve suppliers in Ningbo, one is AAK hydraulic valve and another one
is some hydraulic valve manufacturer. According to his description, AAK
accounts for 70% of his purchase of hydraulic valves in Ningbo. In fact, I am
very satisfied with this share and will not strive for 80% or 100%. Let him
always use AAK hydraulic valves to compare with other hydraulic valve
manufacturers, and feel the advantages of AAK hydraulic valves at all times.

Recently, He had a brainwave and wanted to purchase all hydraulic valves in one
factory. In his email, he asked AAK to give some feedback on the quality
positioning, industry reputation and price performance of another hydraulic
valve manufacturer. To be honest, this request is very difficult for us,
because as a mature hydraulic valve manufacturer, I am unwilling to answer such

Before answering this question, what is the sign of personal maturity? There is
a good word called "suspended judgment". To put it bluntly, we are not in a
hurry to stand in line. Let's see, hang up the judgment we should have first
and don't let the boots fall to the ground. When a man is mature and faces any
situation, he takes many factors into account. There is no simple right and
wrong in his world.

In today's digital age, we always try to turn people's vague attitude into a
clear number. You have to give “likes” and “dislikes”, either fans or
passers-by. In this context, most people's personality maturity slows down and
is digitally trained to be eager to make a statement. Under the digitization,
for those who are not easy to express their position, such people are out of
the control of digitization. Such people are not only mature, but also have
more advantages.

AAK hydraulic valve only sticks to its own research and development, technical
transformation, quality control and service, and never pays attention to the
trend of local hydraulic valve peers. I don't know his quality, reputation and
price. In fact, I don't want to know. Because I never pay attention to the
hydraulic valve counterparts, and only focus on the international first-line
hydraulic valve brands. AAK hydraulic valve, never commenting on its peers,
only targets the international first-line hydraulic valve brands, and gradually
surpasses those international brands. In particular, AAK quality is rooted in
the top 1% of the subdivided field of hydraulic valves.

AAK hydraulic valve, only go the right way, never afraid to go long way. , l/hydraulic-valves-aak235
What is the sign of a mature hydraulic valve manufacturer? AAK defined it
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