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Wholesale High Quality Skeleton Oil Seal Wear Resistant Rubber Seal

  Skeleton oil seals are a kind of industrial sealing components that are
used to seal the medium and prevent external dust, dirt, water vapor and other
contaminants from entering the inside. They are usually applied to rotating
shafts and are a type of rotary shaft lip seal. Skeleton oil seals are composed
of three parts: rubber body (fluorine rubber/nitrile rubber) + elastic skeleton
+ V-shaped spring

  The material types of skeleton oil seals are mainly determined by the
working conditions, such as temperature, pressure, speed, medium and so on.
Generally speaking, the common materials for skeleton oil seals are nitrile
rubber, fluorine rubber, silicone rubber and polytetrafluoroethylene.

  Nitrile rubber (NBR) has good heat resistance, wear resistance and
resistance to various lubricating oils, greases, oil-gas mixtures and so on. It
is suitable for temperatures from -30°C to 120°C, but it cannot be used in
phosphate ester hydraulic oils and gear oils with extreme pressure additives.
It has stable performance in gasoline and mineral oils with low aniline point.

  Fluorine rubber (FPM) has good aging resistance, heat resistance and oil
resistance. It is suitable for almost all lubricating oils, fuel oils and
gasoline. It is not easy to harden in oils with extreme pressure additives, but
it has poor cold resistance, high temperature wear resistance and large
permanent compression deformation. It is suitable for temperatures from -20°C
to 250°C.

  Silicone rubber (SI) has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone
resistance and weather resistance. It can work at -60°C to 250°C for a long
time. It also has good electrical insulation and physiological inertia.
However, it has poor tensile strength, tear resistance and wear resistance. It
is not resistant to most oils and solvents. It is mainly used for sealing high
and low temperature media.

  Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has excellent self-lubrication, especially
when mixed with bronze, the effect is better. It also has good chemical
stability, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and low friction
coefficient. It is widely used for making retaining rings, glyd rings, step
seals and so on.

  Skeleton oil seals have different structural types according to the
skeleton type, such as inner skeleton oil seal, outer skeleton oil seal and
inner-outer exposed skeleton oil seal. They also have different sealing
principles according to the structure and sealing mechanism, such as standard
type oil seal and dynamic reflux type oil seal. Skeleton oil seals have various
advantages such as simple structure, low cost, easy installation and removal,
good compatibility with different media and so on. They are widely used in
various fields such as reducers, cranes, bearings boxes, heating furnace
blowers, sintering plant crushers, continuous casting machine support rollers,
high temperature rotary kilns, air compressors and so on.

  In conclusion, skeleton oil seals are an important kind of industrial
sealing components that have different material types and applications
according to the working conditions. They play a vital role in preventing
leakage and contamination of the medium and ensuring the normal operation of
the equipment.

Minimum Order: 100 pieces

Wholesale High Quality Skeleton Oil Seal Wear Resistant Rubber Seal
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