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Wholesale Skeleton Oil Seals Engine Crankshaft Bearing Oil Seal Kit

  Skeleton oil seals are a type of seal that are widely used in various
mechanical equipment to prevent oil leakage and dust intrusion. They are
composed of a metal skeleton and a rubber lip that are tightly attached to the
rotating shaft. Skeleton oil seals have many advantages, such as simple
structure, low cost, easy installation and maintenance, etc. However, they also
have some requirements for storage and preservation, otherwise they may lose
their sealing performance and cause damage to the equipment. In this essay, I
will introduce some tips on how to store skeleton oil seals properly.

  First of all, skeleton oil seals should be stored in a cool, dry and
ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, heat sources and corrosive
substances. The temperature should be between -15°C and 25°C, and the
relative humidity should be below 65%. The storage environment should also be
clean and dust-free, to avoid contamination of the rubber lip.

  Secondly, skeleton oil seals should be placed flat on a wooden pallet or a
cardboard box, and not stacked too high or too heavy. They should not be
squeezed, twisted or deformed by external forces, otherwise they may cause
cracks or wrinkles on the rubber lip, which will affect the sealing
performance. The skeleton oil seals should also be separated by paper or
plastic bags, to prevent them from sticking together or rubbing against each

  Thirdly, skeleton oil seals should be stored according to their
specifications and materials, and marked with labels or signs. They should also
be checked regularly for their appearance and quality, and replaced in time if
they are found to be damaged or deteriorated. The storage period of skeleton
oil seals depends on their materials and conditions, but generally it should
not exceed three years.

  Skeleton oil seals are an important part of mechanical equipment that need
proper storage and preservation. By following the above tips, we can ensure
that they maintain their optimal sealing performance and extend their service

Minimum Order: 100 pieces

Wholesale Skeleton Oil Seals Engine Crankshaft Bearing Oil Seal Kit
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