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Why to Choose Automatic Desk Lift

Why to Choose Automatic Desk Lift
Sitting still for a long time is the number one enemy for office workers'
health. "Take bus before work, sit at computer desk during work and sit before
the TV after work" has become the most common state of most office workers.

Sitting for a long time is as dangerous to health as smoking or excessive
exposure to the sun. Studies have shown that even two hours of exercise a day
can't compensate for the enormous harm of sitting still for more than a dozen

Sitting for a long time can easily cause cervical spondylosis and waist and
back pain. Sitting for a long time destroys the normal physiological curve of
the human body, forming a kind of humpback-like cervical inclination shoulder
protrusion, which affects the blood flow and promotion of the cervical
vertebral artery to the head. Because the weight of the body is all pressed on
the lumbosacral part during sitting, the uneven distribution of the pressure
bearing surface will cause sagging and pain of the lumbar, abdominal and back

Sitting still can also cause mental depression. Because of the mutual influence
of physical condition, sitting for a long time can cause mental depression,
dizziness, fatigue and tiredness. Sometimes it can cause tinnitus and
hemorrhage due to the rise of deficient fire.

The use of automatic desk lift and standing and sitting alternately office can
avoid long-term physical injury and will not delay the work at hand. As long as
the prevention and reasonable exercise are strengthened according to local
conditions, the workers can get out of the danger of sitting for a long time
and have a healthy posture.
Established in 2012, Yunna Trade Co., Ltd. began as a textile manufacturer.
Lift desk is our mainly production such as, lift standing desk, automatic
height adjustable desk, 4 leg standing desk and etc. Want to know more, please
contact us.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Why to Choose Automatic Desk Lift
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