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XMZ Series Box-Type Filter Press

XMZ Series Box-Type Filter Press concrete crusher plate and frame filter
press Filter Press Manufacturer

Micronics Filter Press DiagramA filter press is a piece of equipment used in
liquid/solid separation. Specifically, the filter press separates the liquids
and solids using pressure filtration, wherein a slurry is pumped into the
filter press and is dewatered under pressure. Basically, each filter press is
designed based on the volume and type of slurry that needs to be dewatered.
Micronics, Inc. is a trusted expert in liquid/solid separation and offers a
wide range of filter press types and capacities to suit specific application
needs for trouble-free, economical dewatering. These include configurations
such as sidebar automatic, manual overhead, automatic dual overhead beam,
stainless steel clad, explosion-proof filter presses, vacuum filter presses,
and hand filter presses.

The four main components of a Fengwang filter press include the frame, filter
plates, manifold (piping and valves), and filter cloth, a key ingredient for
optimizing filter press operations.
A) Frame (Skeleton): The steel filter press frame acts as a clamping device for
the filter plates.
B) Filter Plates: There are three basic categories of filter plates all with
different functions – plate and frame, recessed chamber (or recessed plate)
and diaphragm squeeze (also known as membrane squeeze).
C) Manifold: Our standard manifold consists of piping and valves which control
the slurry inlet and connect the four corner filtrate discharge ports into a
common discharge pipe.
D)Filter Cloth: A cloth filter that is attached to the filter plate. Solids
build up on cloth to form a filter cake, separating liquids from solids.

Fengwang Box filter press is a kind of intermittent operation of the filter
equipment, by the material pump will be suspended liquid into the filter
chamber in the machine to form pressure filtration, mainly used in coal washing
plant, cleaned coal, tail coal recovery, also can be used in petroleum,
chemical, dye, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Types of filter presses
There are four main basic types of filter presses: plate and frame filter
presses, recessed plate and frame filter presses, membrane filter presses and
(fully) automatic filter presses.

The working principle of filter presses is that slurry is pumped into the
machine such that solids are distributed evenly during the fill cycle. Solids
build up on the filter cloth, forming the filter cake; the filtrate exits the
filter plates through the corner ports into the manifold, yielding clean
filtered water.

Filter presses are a pressure filtration method and as such, as the filter
press feed pump builds pressure, solids build within the chambers until they
are completely chock-full of solids, forming the cake. Once the chambers are
full, the cycle is complete and the filter cakes are ready to be released. In
many higher capacity filter presses, fast action automatic plate shifters are
employed, speeding cycle time. Some filter presses are specifically designed
for fully automatic, 24-hour operation in a harsh environment such as mines or
chemical manufacturing plants.

The industry, application and operational considerations will guide specifics
such as the overall design, filtration capacity, number of chambers, filter
plate size, materials of construction, as well as additional features/systems
such as automatic plate shifters, cloth washing system, drip trays, cake
shields and safety light curtains. Design of a filter press depends on a host
of factors such as filtration cycle time, cake dryness required, cloth life,
whether manual or automated plate shifting is desired, and many other factors.

Fengwang supplies portable slurry pump series products, and has a professional
technical service team with coal preparation equipment. With many years of
operating experience, we are familiar with the international market. Welcome to
contact us. , -series-box-type-filter-press.html
XMZ Series Box-Type Filter Press
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