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Date/Time:  1/6/22 7:55 GMT

60m Fog Cannon Machine fogging machine sprayer disinfection

The LHW-60 FOG CANNON uses energy-efficient stainless steel vertical
centrifugal pumps to extend the continuous operation of the equipment up to
24 hours. It also reduces energy consumption and fluid pump flow. Using a
low flow and high atomization system increases atomization rate and reduces
liquid waste. The blue ocean 60 fog cannon sprayer duster is equipped with
a just-in-time system, which means the equipment can be started and stopped
at any time in a stable way. You only need to set the operating time and
stop time of the device. It makes the use of the duster more timely and
efficient, and reduces labor costs. In terms of rotation, the blue ocean
company PC system is used for independent control of the rotation of the
equipment, so that the rotating system can swing around at any time, so as
to bid farewell to the limit switch era. The blade is made of titanium alloy
material. Titanium alloy itself is lightweight, corrosion resistant, has
been the raw material of choice for the aviation industry, its greatest
effect on dust collectors is noise reduction, and has a good dynamic balance
when the fan rotates.
60m Fog Cannon Machine fogging machine sprayer disinfection
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