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Contact: Sales Manager
Company: Henan Shuangxin Fire Environmental Protection
Room 1308, Building 3, Yabao International Building, at the intersection of Jinshui East Road and Xi
Phone: 86-199-37744500
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Date/Time:  6/16/21 3:49 GMT

80 Meters Fogging Cannon 127500 M3/H Anti Freeze Insulation

80 meters anti-freeze insulation
Main features

1. Far range, covering a wide range of high efficiency, can achieve precision
spray, range 20-200m optional, according to the actual requirements of
customers configuration.

2. Can be fixed on the concrete pouring platform, but also supporting diesel
generator installed in the transport vehicle.

3. Flexible operation, remote control or manual control, and free to adjust the
level of rotation and spray angle, the use of safe and reliable; compared to
sprinkler, spray gun, super-saving water.

Product Description
Working principle of dust removal fog gun machine

Through the principle of fan air delivery, the water is pressurized by a high-
pressure pump, and the water is atomized by the micronization nozzle of the
pipeline. The water mist is sprayed to a long distance through the air volume
and pressure of the fan. Due to the small surface tension of the suspended dust
particles in the air If it is zero, the water mist can quickly absorb the dust
particles in the air, and the dust floating in the air will be adsorbed when it
comes into contact, increasing the specific gravity of the dust, inhibiting the
flow of dust in the air, and accelerating the dust settling, thereby
controlling the amount of dust.

80m Technical parameter table

Item Name Parameter Notes
Mist canon machine system Equipment Fog cannon body, control system
Operation method / Local and remote Remote control distance
100 meters
Throw distance(m) 80-85 Static wind speed flat shooting
effective distance
Air volume(m³/h) 127500
Wind pressure(Pa) 3106
Maximum coverage area(m)² 18000
Water source requirements
Water pressure: normal pressure

Water quality: PH value 6-8, suspended solids must be ≤50PPm

Power requirements
Voltage: AC380V, 50Hz

Power: 46.4KW

Mains or generator connection, voltage can be customized
Droplet particles(μm) 20~100um
Spray flow(l/min) 160-200
Pitch angle -5°~35°
Horizontal rotation angle 320°
Applicable ambient temperature 0℃-50 ℃ Antifreeze or noise reduction
can be customized
Protection level Not less than IP55 Most places of use are open
Start method Step-down start Customizable frequency conversion start
Rotary drive method Electric/slewing ring
Pitch drive mode Hydraulic
Dimensions(mm) Base size 1600*1400 Installation requirements
Maximum size 2300*2000*1790(H) Transportation and installation
Weight 1600KG
Technical parameter requirements for spray gun nozzle and pump unit Fan
power(kw) 37
Nozzle material Stainless steel 303 material
Number of nozzles (a) 80 customized
Hydraulic station power(kw) 1.1 Hydraulic station
Pump power(kw) 7.5
Pump power 12-120 Stainless steel vertical centrifugal pump
Spray ring material Stainless steel 304 material
Steel plate thickness of spray tube(mm) 3.5
Equipment bracket Channel steel square tube
Equipment paint Paint
Inlet size DN40 outer wire
remote control 9 keys / 12 keys
Drawing Dimensions drawings of various types of fog cannons
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