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AAK high pressure hydraulic needle valves can benchmark Germany HAWE

This morning, I received the order of 2,000 hydraulic needle valves from
Charlotte. At first, I thought she sent the email by mistake, because Charlotte
had no cooperation with AAK, we just discussed the inquiry for her hydraulic
needle valve with pressure resistance of 450bar for 3 times. It is the first
time I met a hydraulic valve customer who placed a big order after 3 times of
communication. I asked her directly why she gave AAK such a large quantity of
hydraulic needle valves order in only the first cooperation. Charlotte said
that this hydraulic needle valve was purchased from HAWE in Germany 3 years
ago, because HAWE is the best manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic valves in
the world.

Charlotte is from a hydraulic equipment company in Spain. Last month, their
company tried to purchase this high-pressure hydraulic needle valve from
Ningbo, which is the hometown of hydraulic valves in China. She has a hydraulic
valve supplier who has cooperated for 5 years and has high mutual trust. Due to
the special requirements and urgent delivery date of this hydraulic needle
valve, the original hydraulic valve supplier was unable to bear it, so he
suggested Charlotte contact AAK, and joked that if AAK could not complete this
hydraulic needle valve, she should not waste more time in Ningbo, but go back
to HAWE to purchase the high-pressure hydraulic needle valves.

I received the drawings and working condition requirements from Charlotte. This
customized hydraulic needle valve is applied to aviation equipment. The working
condition pressure is required to reach 450bar. It is required to be delivered
within 50 days. The quality needs to be comparable to that of HAWE in Germany.
Just like Ningbo counterpart said, in Ningbo, there may not be a second
manufacturer who is able to produce this high-pressure hydraulic needle valve
except AAK hydraulic valve.

Charlotte was curious about why the Ningbo counterparts recognized AAK high-
pressure hydraulic needle valves so much, and AAK was also so confident in its
own high-pressure hydraulic valves. What is the strength of AAK high-pressure
hydraulic needle valves? Like horse racing, if you want to win the gold medal,
then a good horse should be equipped with a good saddle and a good rider. What
are the good horses, saddles and riders of AAK? If you need to meet the
following 3 points at the same time, you may not be able to find a second
hydraulic valve manufacturer in Ningbo to produce high-pressure hydraulic
needle valves, except AAK hydraulic valve.

1. Good horses: AAK has high-precision machine tools imported from Switzerland,
Mikron GF high-precision CNC machining center and GILDEMEISTER turn milling
composite machining center.

2. Good saddles: AAK has full-time material engineers in material selection,
who are specially responsible for screening, comparison, testing and docking
with the Research Institute. According to the working conditions of the
hydraulic valves, the suitable materials are matched pertinently, not to use
the general materials in the market.

3. Good riders: special personnel shall be assigned to operate the special
machine in key processes. Only technicians who have worked in the workshop for
at least 5 years can take up the post. There are engineers from Shanghai
factory of Germany HAWE, who have worked there for 11 years. They know all the
production and processing technologies of HAWE factory back to front. They can
fully benchmark HAWE factory in terms of material selection, process
formulation, production line control, quality inspection and other processes.

Charlotte can’t refuse the 3 unique advantages of AAK high-pressure valves and
confirmed the PO in 2 days with AAK. A single flower does not make a spring.
The improvement of products may not just due to market competition, but also
the improvement of the level of the whole industry. AAK leads Ningbo hydraulic
valve manufacturers to jointly face the high-pressure hydraulic needle valves.

AAK high-pressure hydraulic needle valves are recognized as a leader in the
industry by counterparts. Welcome to have a small try! , l/hydraulic-needle-valves-aak224
AAK high pressure hydraulic needle valves can benchmark Germany HAWE
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