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AAK Hydraulic Flow Control Valve Durable For High Pressure & Frequency Use

Shirley comes from a hydraulic equipment company in the United States, who is
an old employee of the company. She rarely fails in purchasing, and her
cooperation with AAK is tepid. It was not until the cartridge hydraulic flow
control valves purchased last year failed that she learned that AAK Hydraulic
Valve was different from other hydraulic cartridge valve manufacturers, and
now she is sending us more and more inquiries.

At the beginning of the year before last, Shirley’s company sold the hydraulic
power unit for metal extrusion equipment. Less than half a year, customers
complained that the pressure of the power unit was abnormal, and even went on
strike. During after sales service, it was found that the leakage was caused by
the serious wear of the hydraulic flow control valve sleeve, resulting in
abnormal equipment pressure. The original hydraulic flow control valve
manufacturer replied that under the high-pressure working condition of 450bar
and high-frequency use, it is unavoidable for the hydraulic flow control valve
sleeve to be worn and the only solution is to replace with new one for free,
but 5 months later, the same problem occurred again. The customer was not
satisfied and complained directly to the boss. The boss was surprised that an
old hand like Shirley would stumble. After investigation, it was found that
this hydraulic valve manufacturer who had cooperated for 5 years ignored the
details of high pressure and high frequency.
The boss asked her to change the manufacturer and replace those severely worn
hydraulic flow control valves as soon as possible. Shirley thought of AAK,
because at the beginning of the inquiry, AAK mentioned that this hydraulic flow
control valve had special working conditions, if the material selection was not
proper, it would be impossible to use it for 1 year or more. After learning of
Shirley's procurement dilemma, AAK urgently produced 50 hydraulic flow control
valves within 1 month for them to replace the current ones. 6 months after the
trial order was delivered, Shirley informed us by email that the equipment
installed with AAK hydraulic flow control valve was working well without any
abnormalities, and I said there would be no abnormalities even in 1 year.
Shirley admired the confidence of AAK Hydraulic Valve in quality, and ordered
another 300 hydraulic flow control valves.
Under the high-pressure condition of 450bar, to get the hydraulic flow control
valve used in high frequency a service life of more than 1 year or 2million
times, AAK Hydraulic Valve uses 3 advantages to exceed peers.
1. The valve sleeve of AAK hydraulic flow control valve adopts 18Cr2Ni4WA high-
strength alloy carburized steel. During heat treatment, carburize at
900~920 ℃, temper at 600~650 ℃, and then cryogenic treatment. In this way,
the hardness of the valve sleeve is more than HRC65, and it is not afraid under
the high pressure condition of 450bar. The difficulty of this material lies in
heat treatment, while most of hydraulic valve manufacturers can not control
this technology.
2. AAK has independently developed hydraulic valve durability test equipment,
and carries out fatigue test on materials in combination with NFPA/T2.6.1
standards to ensure that each hydraulic flow control valve is qualified before
3. For the hydraulic cartridge valve with a service life of 2 million times
under 450bar high pressure, AAK has customers who used them in aviation.  
AAK hydraulic flow control valve, durable under high pressure and high
frequency use, you can also have a small try! , l/hydraulic-flow-control-valves-aak286
AAK Hydraulic Flow Control Valve Durable For High Pressure & Frequency Use
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