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AAK hydraulic manifolds, no jamming fault

There is a spread in the hydraulic valve industry: those who can do a good job
in hydraulic valves may not be able to do a good job in hydraulic manifolds;
those who do a good job in hydraulic manifolds, and basically can do a good job
in hydraulic valves. Baptiste is from DMH France. The hydraulic manifolds
purchased in Italy before was transferred to the hydraulic valve manufacturer
who has cooperated for 4 years. However, he suffered from the 4 times a year
after-sales of hydraulic manifolds. In the second half of last year, Baptiste
purchased 30 hydraulic relief valves from AAK, which is the 4th time of
purchasing in the year, and the quantity is the same every time. It is a little
strange. After communication, I learned that a hydraulic equipment developed by
them at the beginning of last year has stains on the hydraulic oil every few
months, resulting in the jamming of the hydraulic relief valves. The
replacement of 4 times a year keeps the customer complaining.

According to Baptiste's description, the probability is that the hydraulic
manifold design is improper. I suggested that he send us the hydraulic manifold
drawing and system schematic diagram. Baptiste said that the hydraulic manifold
drawing and system schematic diagram are confidential documents and he must get
approval from boss before sending them to AAK. Three days later, Baptiste sent
us the hydraulic manifold drawing and system schematic diagram, requiring that
they should not be revealed to any other people. According to the analysis of
the drawings, AAK engineers found that when the hydraulic power is input and
the system does not start working, the hydraulic relief valve does not reach
the opening pressure and cannot relieve the pressure, resulting in the increase
of oil temperature and easy oil pollution. It is certain that the problem lies
in the design of hydraulic manifold.

I suggest redesigning the hydraulic manifold. The idea is as follows: AAK will
change the 2 hydraulic relief valves on the hydraulic manifold block to use the
hydraulic directional control valve alone, and change the oil circuit design.
The principle is as follows: when the hydraulic system works, the hydraulic
directional control valve cuts off the oil circuit, making the high-pressure
oil enter the working branch. When the hydraulic system stops working, the
high-pressure oil directly returns to the oil tank after passing through the
directional control valve to realize zero pressure unloading. If the hydraulic
manifold designed by AAK is not improved, no fee will be charged. Baptiste was
a little interested after learning that. 45 days later, AAK sent a new
hydraulic manifold. 4 weeks later, Baptiste informed by email that the
hydraulic manifold of AAK had been used for 1 month, the hydraulic oil had no
pollution, the whole hydraulic system was more sensitive, and the problem that
had plagued them for 1 year was solved at one time.

AAK hydraulic manifolds had been tested for first-line brands since 7 years
ago. If meeting the following 3 points at the same time, there may be no second
hydraulic manifold manufacturer in Ningbo except for AAK:

1. AAK technical team has engineers from the world's top 500 hydraulic manifold
enterprises. They have their own experience in material selection, production
drawing design, oil circuit design and production quality control.

2. Before hydraulic manifold assembly, the valve block shall be deeply cleaned
to ensure 100% impurity free. Each valve shall be tested.

3. Only technicians with more than 10 years of experience are qualified to
assemble the hydraulic manifolds. After assembly, use the test bench to debug
the hydraulic manifolds for many times to ensure that the act function of the
circuit is accurate and reliable.

Baptiste privately informed that the boss was very satisfied that he found a
reliable hydraulic manifold manufacturer, solved the after-sales troubles of
the whole year, and could be promoted to the manager of the procurement
department next month. Baptiste was so happy.

AAK hydraulic manifold block is professionally designed to save you worry and
effort. You can also have a small try! , l/hydraulic-manifolds-aak230
AAK hydraulic manifolds, no jamming fault
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