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AAK hydraulic pressure valve sealing ring service life is twice than peers

Kate, the buyer of Terex company, was asked by the head office last month to
purchase a batch of hydraulic pressure valves within 3 months. She vowed to the
boss that it would be completed in 2 months. As usual, Kate sent the hydraulic
pressure valve inquiry to more than 10 hydraulic valve manufacturers she was
familiar with, including American hydraulic valve manufacturers and Chinese
hydraulic valve manufacturers. She chose 3 factories to provide hydraulic
pressure valve samples for testing. After the test, the technical department
informed that only the hydraulic pressure valve samples provided by American
manufacturer were qualified. The trouble is that the price of the qualified
hydraulic pressure valve exceeds 40% of the company's budget price. She has no
authority to decide to use the products of this American hydraulic valve

After discussion with the technical department, she learned that those
unqualified hydraulic pressure valves are mainly due to the wear or fracture of
the sealing ring after 15,000 times of impact during the durability test of the
hydraulic pressure valve, resulting in the leakage of the hydraulic pressure
valve. Only those hydraulic pressure valves that have not leaked for more than
40,000 times are qualified. She was very depressed that the quotation of the
other 3 hydraulic pressure valves was within the budget, but the quality was
unqualified. At this time, Kate realized why the company gave him 3 months to
purchase. She hurriedly sent inquiry to new hydraulic valve manufacturers, and
specially emphasized the need for hydraulic pressure valves with more than
40,000 durability tests. The trouble is that no hydraulic valve manufacturer
gave her an offer. Kate realized the difficulty of procurement. She had wasted
3 weeks. Procurement was still in its infancy, and the technicians had been
urging progress.

After learning about Kate's purchase status, the colleague recommended her to
contact AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE to try. When we received the hydraulic pressure
valve drawing from Kate, we first gave a quotation. She told us very frankly
that the price of AAK was 20% higher than that of other China hydraulic valve
manufacturers, but 15% cheaper than that of the United States. She needed us to
reduce the price greatly. We suggested providing the hydraulic pressure valve
samples for testing first, and then discuss the price after passing the test.

2 weeks later, Kate informed that the test was qualified and AAK hydraulic
pressure valve durability test had reached more than 40,000 times. She was
surprised why AAK passed the hydraulic pressure valve durability test, while
the other hydraulic valve manufacturers in China failed. AAK hydraulic valve
was also eliminated by customers 2 years ago because the durability test of
hydraulic pressure valve failed to meet the standard. AAK has increased
research and development on the sealing ring. After more than thousands of
tests in half a year, AAK chose to use a special PU polyurethane rubber sealing
ring from Japan to overcome this technical problem. Its wear resistance and
high pressure resistance are far better than other rubber sealing rings. The
vast majority of domestic hydraulic valve manufacturers use rubber sealing
rings, and the maximum limit of their durability test is 20,000 times.

Kate realized that AAK was technically different from the other domestic peers,
and the price was cheaper than that of American hydraulic valve manufacturers.
She happily chose the AAK hydraulic valve with the highest cost performance.

AAK hydraulic valve has advantages only by comparison. You can also have a
small try. , l/hydraulic-pressure-control-valve-aak122
AAK hydraulic pressure valve sealing ring service life is twice than peers
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