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Date/Time:  1/10/22 3:41 GMT

AAK hydraulic sequence valve has better quality and cheaper price

Martin, a purchaser of American company PowerTeam, sent an email last week
saying that he saw on the Internet that AAK was a hydraulic valve supplier of
some European hydraulic pump companies. He wanted to know whether the quality
of AAK could match the quality of the hydraulic valve produced in the United
States he was currently using. I directly answered that the quality of
hydraulic valves in the United States should also be in different levels, you
can have a small try and compare them with your hydraulic valves purchased in
the United States.

Martin frankly told about his current purchasing status. He needed to re-
purchase a batch of hydraulic sequence valves for hydraulic pumps. After
placing an order with the original manufacturer in the United States, the
manufacturer told him that there were not enough labor for mass production at
this moment. He had to wait for 3 months at least. The boss was not satisfied
with his purchasing arrangement and asked him to find a new supplier of
hydraulic sequence valve and complete production within 2 months. Martin is a
little embarrassed because this hydraulic sequence valve has particularly high
requirements for various accuracy. In the early stage of development 3 years
ago, he contacted more than 20 hydraulic valve manufacturers, compared and
tested the hydraulic sequence valves from them, and only the samples from the
local hydraulic valve manufacturer in the United States met the requirements.

Martin saw the information of AAK to found that it was actually the supplier of
hydraulic pumps in Europe. After browsing AAK website (, he
felt that AAK hydraulic valve might become his supplier. According to the
drawings and working conditions of his hydraulic sequence valve, we found that
it does have high requirements for the accuracy of the hydraulic sequence
valve. I told Martin that we need 15 days to make and test samples. After the
samples of the hydraulic sequence valve pass the test, we will discuss the
order at that time.

10 days after the hydraulic sequence valve sample was sent, Martin emailed AAK
that the hydraulic sequence valve fully met the production requirements of the
existing hydraulic pump. At the same time, the engineers of PowerTeam also
applauded every detail of AAK hydraulic sequence valve sample, which was no
worse than that of the American company. In particular, some core parameters,
such as the matching surface roughness of AAK hydraulic sequence valve spool
and valve hole, can reach Ra value of 0.1 ~ 0.2μm. The surface roughness Ra
value of the outer circle of the valve spool is 0.1μm. The Ra value of the
inner circular surface of the valve hole is 0.2μm. Some parameters are even
higher than those of his original American manufacturer, including 100% burr

Martin was surprised how AAK hydraulic sequence valve achieve these?

AAK hydraulic valve has two absolute advantages and has already surpassed its
domestic counterparts. It is uncertain whether it has surpassed its American

1. AAK has a high-precision CNC machining center imported from Switzerland and
independent fixtures upgraded and refitted by itself, eliminating human errors.

2.The independent professional R & D team cooperates with the unique R & D
technology to realize the personalized customization demand of hydraulic valve
accuracy, which can not be achieved by 95% of domestic peers.

When Martin got the quotation of AAK hydraulic sequence valve, it was 23%
cheaper than that produced locally in the United States, but the quality was no
worse than that produced locally. AAK needed a lead time of 35 days for
production, and the whole time was also in line with Martin's re-purchasing
time schedule. After finalizing the whole order, Martin reported to the boss.
The boss was very happy that AAK hydraulic sequence valve benchmarked the
American quality, and also saved the purchasing cost. Martin told me that his
boss asked him to send samples of previously purchased hydraulic valves to AAK
for quotation.

AAK hydraulic sequence valve keeps pace with American manufacturers. Not only
the hydraulic sequence valve, our quality of hydraulic flow control valve also
convinced a Germany customer. Welcome to have a try! , l/hydraulic-sequence-valve-aak126
AAK hydraulic sequence valve has better quality and cheaper price
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