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AAK pay attention to small details, Hydraulic Sequence Valve has no leakage

Last October, our old Russian customer Matben sent me a video with the
following message: take a look at the leakage of the hydraulic sequence valve
in the equipment. Is there any way to solve the leakage problem? I was startled
when I first read the email, thinking that there was a leak in the hydraulic
sequence valve we previously shipped. I opened the video and took a closer look
to find that there is a leak at the adjusting screw of the hydraulic sequence
valve. The leakage at this point is a common problem for most hydraulic
sequence valves and a challenge for most hydraulic sequence valve
manufacturers. However, AAK has a clever solution to solve this small detail to
avoid any leakage.

After communication, it was learned that it was not the AAK hydraulic sequence
valve that was leaking, nor was it their company's equipment that
malfunctioned, but rather his friend Arata's equipment that was malfunctioning.
Arata's hydraulic sequence valve was purchased from a hydraulic cartridge valve
manufacturer in Ningbo and used in their mining equipment. After 6 months, the
customer complained that the equipment would shut down. The root cause was a
leak at the adjusting screw of the hydraulic sequence valve. The original
manufacturer of the hydraulic sequence valve replied that the hydraulic
sequence valve can only be used continuously in mining equipment, ensuring a
service life of 6 months. The only solution to complaints is to replace the
hydraulic sequence valve once every 6 months. Arata knows that neither his boss
nor his client will accept such a costly and time-consuming after-sales
service. Arata spent a week on sourcing but did not find a reliable
manufacturer of hydraulic sequence valves, so he asked help from Matben, and I
had the opportunity to see this video of hydraulic sequence valve leakage.

I told Arata that the hydraulic sequence valves AAK supplied to Matben can work
continuously for 10 hours a day and have a service life of over 1 year. This
can be verified with Matben. Arata told me that this is the reason why he came
to AAK and also the reason why Matt recommended AAK to him. After 40 days, AAK
sent 20 samples of hydraulic sequence valves. 3 months later, Arata informed us
that after internal testing, the service life of AAK hydraulic sequence valve
exceeded 1 year without problem. He asked me to prepare the materials asap.
They will place the regular order for this hydraulic sequence valve in a few

AAK has a solution to the leakage at the adjusting screw of the hydraulic
sequence valve, to address this small detail:

1.AAK hydraulic sequence valve O-ring, select the matching sealing ring from
the aspects of structure, material fatigue resistance, medium, and aging cycle.

2.The screws used in the AAK hydraulic sequence valve have a performance level
of 12.9, which is higher than the industry standard and has higher pressure
resistance and is not easy to loosen. The service life has been increased by

3.AAK hydraulic sequence valve, 100% full inspection, controlling leakage from
the source.

AAK hydraulic sequence valve, small details, small tricks, works well, you can
also give it a try!

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AAK pay attention to small details, Hydraulic Sequence Valve has no leakage
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