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Date/Time:  11/19/21 9:57 GMT

AAK Hydraulic Valve , 3 Top 500 Enterprises in use

AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has grown for 15 years, as one in the group of hydraulic
valve suppliers in Ningbo. The supply of hydraulic valves has reached its peak
and trough, but we always remember that we are a hydraulic valve supplier. I
believe that as long as we don't give up and do hydraulic valves all our life,
AAK will become the best hydraulic valve supplier. Our hydraulic valves have
been supplied to 3 of the world's top 500 Enterprises. There may be no second
such hydraulic valve factory among the Ningbo based hydraulic valve suppliers.

Angelo, an American customer from top 500 enterprises, was introduced to AAK
HYDRAULIC VALVE by a friend. He needed to make a sample of a hydraulic pressure
valve for his customer to test new equipment. According to Angelo, he
successively contacted no less than 10 hydraulic valve suppliers. After 2
rounds of elimination, 3 hydraulic valve suppliers were selected for proofing.
The hydraulic pressure valve samples produced by 3 hydraulic valve suppliers
had some leakage, vibration and noise under different working conditions. His
customer was not satisfied with the samples from these hydraulic valve

The customer asked him to find an American hydraulic valve supplier.
Considering the high cost of American hydraulic valve suppliers, he still
wanted to try the hydraulic valve suppliers in China. If a qualified hydraulic
valve supplier still couldn't be found, he had to give up.

Due to equipment limitations, if the requirements of working conditions are
relatively high, the hydraulic pressure valves produced by most China hydraulic
valve suppliers will have the problems mentioned above. The fundamental reason
is that the accuracy of hydraulic pressure valve is not enough. Generally, the
ordinary hydraulic valve suppliers cannot do this high-precision hydraulic
pressure valve.

The accuracy of hydraulic pressure valve has always been a hard index of AAK.
AAK is not only equipped with high-precision machine tools, but also with
special equipment. AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE has many high-precision imported CNC
lathes and honing machines, as well as many small AAK designed fixtures and
assembled special processing equipment. Each equipment has operation
instructions to eliminate human errors. For the coarse grinding in the early
stage to the fine grinding in the later stage, at least 3 times of repeated
debugging and testing shall be carried out until the accuracy index
requirements are fully met. In Ningbo, it is difficult to find a second such
hydraulic valve supplier.

Angelo realized the difference between AAK HYDRAULIC VALVE and other hydraulic
valve suppliers. A week later, we delivered the samples according to the
product accuracy required by Angelo. His customers recognized the accuracy of
the hydraulic pressure valve in 3 days after receiving the samples. Angelo was
satisfied and said that AAK would be his preferred hydraulic valve supplier in

AAK hydraulic valve has hard indicators and strict requirements. We aim to be
the most trusted hydraulic valve supplier, or not to do. If you want to find a
hydraulic valve supplier with high requirements, just contact AAK, www.

https://www.aakindustr ,
AAK Hydraulic Valve , 3 Top 500 Enterprises in use
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