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AAK hydraulic valve block socket with no deviation, Kuplin admired

Kuplin is from a Russian hydraulic equipment manufacturing company, he has
purchased hydraulic valve blocks from China for a long time, which is also
relatively smooth. However, a hydraulic valve block he purchased at the end of
last year put him into a hard situation.

A batch of hydraulic climbing cars sold by their company were complained by
customers. During the routine maintenance of the hydraulic system, several
cartridge valves on several equipment cannot be taken down, the nose end is
stuck in the socket of the hydraulic valve blocks, and there is a small amount
of leakage around the socket. The hydraulic valve block manufacturer replied
that when processing the hydraulic valve blocks, the technician processed the
nose end of the socket into a conical surface, which made it easy to install
and difficult to take down, and also affected the seal, resulting in a small
amount of leakage. The hydraulic valve block can be replaced free of charge,
but no one will bear the loss of those hydraulic cartridge valves that cannot
be disassembled. After the boss learned that, he asked Kuplin to find a new
manufacturer of hydraulic valve blocks. Kuplin contacted more than 10 new
factories and required that there was no abnormality in the processing of valve
holes of each hydraulic valve block. After a round, he did not find any
suitable supplier of hydraulic valve blocks. Kuplin began to worry.

By chance, Kuplin met his old friend Petrov and learned about AAK's ability to
process hydraulic valve blocks during the communicating with each other. After
several communications with him, AAK started to make samples directly. 1 month
later, AAK sent the hydraulic valve blocks. Petrov informed by email that their
engineer specially inspected each valve hole, and the tolerance was controlled
100% without deviation. He wanted to know how AAK achieved it?

AAK hydraulic valve block has no deviation from the processing of the
installation socket, is due to 3 strict points:

1. For tool inspection, it is in the charge of a specially assigned person, who
regularly inspects each tool equipped in each machining center to confirm
whether there are cuts or cracks on the leading edge of the tool, so as to
avoid the problem of machining finish caused by tool wear or damage.

2. Clean the cutter. AAK uses a diamond file to remove the debris of the cutter
material and ensure that the positioning shoulder on the reamer remains sharp.
AAK will check the size of the ground tool based on the tool positioning
shoulder to ensure that the depth and diameter meet the processing

3. After machining, use diameter gauge and thread gauge to check the
dimensional accuracy according to the requirements of the socket drawing, and
carry out the final socket dimensional check. Especially, the nose part of the
cartridge valve socket will be measured from the front end of the nose to the
supporting end of the nose, so as to ensure that there is no cone at the nose.

AAK hydraulic valve block is easy to install and take down without deviation,
and 100% free of burrs. You are welcome to have a try! , l/hydraulic-valve-blocks-aak300
AAK hydraulic valve block socket with no deviation, Kuplin admired
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