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Hydraulic valve blocks with no iron filings, only AAK promised

Davis is an old customer from Germany. We met 3 years ago and he purchases
hydraulic valves from AAK every year. In the second half of last year, Davis
suddenly asked me: can AAK hydraulic valve blocks be as stable as the hydraulic
valves? I feel that there is a problem with the hydraulic valve blocks he
purchased from other manufacturers. According to the hydraulic valve block
drawings sent by Davis, AAK engineers found that this hydraulic valve block is
indeed difficult after review. In particular, the oil passage width of the
hydraulic valve block is more than 2 times smaller than that of the
conventional one, and some valve spool holes are multi segmented structure,
which has high requirements for hydraulic valve block processing and iron
filings cleaning. I told Davis that you will see the results in 40 days. One
month later, AAK sent 5 samples of hydraulic valve blocks as scheduled.
Strangely, 2 months later, there was no news from Davis about this hydraulic
valve block.

After a lapse of more than half a year, that is, last week, Davis sent an email
to purchase 1,000 hydraulic valve blocks at one time. The stability of the
hydraulic valve blocks must not be lower than that of the samples sent half a
year ago. More than half a year has passed since proofing, suddenly, an order
of such a big quantity for hydraulic valve blocks have been placed, which makes
us happy and surprised.

Davis informed that the hydraulic valve block samples provided by AAK have been
tested internally. Half a year later, their engineers thought that the
hydraulic valve block samples provided by AAK had passed the test, so they
placed a large order of hydraulic valve blocks today. In fact, this is not
their new order, but moved from the original hydraulic valve block manufacturer
to AAK. The original manufacturer started shipping 2 years ago, but during
these 2 years, users always complain that the burr of the hydraulic valve
blocks pollutes the oil. Sometimes the burr of the hydraulic valve blocks
causes the hydraulic valves to jam, which makes their after-sales personnel
very embarrassed. They also tried to ask more than 20 new manufacturers of
hydraulic valve blocks for solution, but none of them can guarantee 100% free
of iron filings. They can only continue to purchase this hydraulic valve block
from the original manufacturer. The boss was very unhappy and gave Davis half a
year. If the burr problem of the hydraulic valve blocks cannot be completely
solved, they can only purchase domestically from Germany in the future, even if
the price is more than 60% expensive.

AAK hydraulic valve blocks have withstood the test for half a year and Davis
also completed the task given by the boss. Davis was also surprised. Later, he
asked me: Why can't the original manufacturer solve it for 2 years and more
than 20 manufacturers can't guarantee it 100%. How can AAK hydraulic valve
blocks be 100% burr free?

1. AAK adopts German Alma ultrasonic, which is a sharp deburring tool. Its
instantaneous high pressure can effectively remove the burr of the inner hole
of the hydraulic valve blocks.
2. Then use the industrial endoscope to check all the hydraulic valve block
channels again to ensure that there are no dead corners.
3. Then observe the inner hole of each hydraulic valve block with a high
magnification microscope to ensure that it is 100% free of burrs and other
impurities before packaging.

AAK hydraulic valve blocks have unique skills in deburring. You are welcome to
give it a try! , l/hydraulic-valve-blocks-aak190
Hydraulic valve blocks with no iron filings, only AAK promised
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