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AAK uses 3 skills to ensure that hydraulic valve block is 100% burr free

The more complex the oil passage of the hydraulic valve block is, the more
difficult it is to remove the burr. If the burr is not completely removed,
either the hydraulic valve block is scrapped or the whole hydraulic system is
paralyzed. AAK is not only 50% more efficient than its peers in processing
high-precision and difficult hydraulic valve blocks, but also 100% burr free.
Liam, from Canada, sold a batch of hydraulic shield machines. Because of the
burr remained in the hydraulic valve block, it was needed to replace the
hydraulic relief valves at a high frequency, which affected the construction.
The customer directly complained to the boss and asked the problem to be solved
completely within a month, otherwise he would need to charge for the loss of
working time. The manufacturer said that because the oil circuit of the
hydraulic valve block is complex, it is difficult to ensure 100% burr free.
Liam had to find a new manufacturer of hydraulic valve blocks. He kept sourcing
for 5 days, but no factory was unwilling to complete the production of 20
hydraulic valve blocks with 100% burr free in 25 days. Liam had a big headache.
Liam got into touch with me directly under the introduction of his friend, and
explained the above difficulties he encountered. According to his hydraulic
valve block drawing, just from the perspective of processing, it is not
difficult, but the burr removal of some holes needs unique skills, which is the
reason why other manufacturers are unwilling to produce. After 20 days, 20
hydraulic valve blocks were produced at AAK, and they were finished in 20 days
from drawing to shipping.
Three months later, Liam sent an email to say thanks to AAK. The hydraulic
shield machine equipped with AAK hydraulic valve blocks, has been very smooth
in construction, and no burrs were found. Liam was surprised how AAK completed
the hydraulic valve blocks with complex oil circuit free of burr in such a
short time? AAK finished the production of hydraulic valve block efficiently,
and it is 100% burr free, lies in the following 3 unique skills:
1. In terms of equipment, the German HECHERT 630 horizontal machining center
has 12000 spindles, 60 HSK100 high-speed tools, an XYZ travel of 1050-900-800,
a moving speed of 65M, and a tool change time of only 1S. Combined with the
Siemens 840D operating system, the machining accuracy can be guaranteed, and
the machining efficiency is more than twice that of most machining centers.
2. Technically, AAK adopt the intelligent grinding to replace the traditional
abrasive flow deburring technology. During grinding, the main shaft of the
equipment can swing 360 ° at will, and there is no dead angle during grinding.
No matter the surface of the hydraulic valve body, or the inner hole, cross
hole, blind hole of the hydraulic valve block, as well as the end face and
inner and outer contour of the orifice, the burrs can be completely removed.
3. In terms of detection, the German Karlstorz industrial endoscope is used.
The probe can be bent and rotated, and detect the oil passage of the hydraulic
valve block for 360 ° without dead angle, to ensure that the hydraulic valve
block is free of burrs before shipment.
Last week, Liam sent us an inquiry for another hydraulic valve block. He told
me privately that the boss now pays more and more attention to him, and gives
him more and more business to handle.
AAK hydraulic valve blocks, high efficiency, high accuracy, no burrs, you can
give it a small try. , l/hydraulic-valve-blocks-296
AAK uses 3 skills to ensure that hydraulic valve block is 100% burr free
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