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AAK Hydraulic Valve Customer Supply Relationship

Last week, once a hydraulic manifold drawing was approved, the customer wired
the full payment of more than US$50,000 US dollars at one time, and the
delivery was 2 months later. This is a customized hydraulic manifold. It is the
first order from an Italian customer. It is the first time for him to cooperate
with AAK Hydraulic Valves. I think behind his action is his trust in AAK
Hydraulic Valves. If we say what is the most important asset in the future, I
think it is "trust". If what is the most terrible risk in the future, I think
it is "lack of trust".

Some customers agree with the manufacturing quality of AAK Hydraulic Valves,
know that AAK is the supplier of the first brand of hydraulic valves
(HydraForce) for 9 consecutive years, and know that although AAK Hydraulic
Valves are 20% more expensive than their peers, its service life is twice that
of their peers, but they don't place orders. Why?
There are only 2 reasons: first, he is not a customer of AAK. Second, customers
do not trust AAK enough, or AAK does not deliver enough trust. So trust is very
important for the first order customers.

Is it your customer? This is a very interesting topic. One third of the
customers and you are predestined, trust each other, and work with him at the
same frequency, and feel not tired; One third of the customers have no fate
with you. No matter what you do, there will be no reply after you quoted the
price; One third of the customers need to be won over and moved.

This is what I think and do in regards of trust.

First of all, learn to trust others, but also learn to be trusted. Those who
can trust others are lucky mountains. You dare to trust others, which proves
that you need the help of the other party, and it also proves that you are
willing to give your back to the other party, not afraid of being stabbed by

Then, expose yourself in exchange for more cooperation. If you always guard
against others, there is no possibility of cooperation. Trust others and give
my back to them. If you rely on others, others also rely on you. And the person
who can be trusted is a powerful sea.

Yes, the customer of AAK Hydraulic Valves is lucky mountain, and AAK is the
strong sea of customers.

Finally, it is the transmission of trust. If others want to cooperate with you
as soon as they see you, because you can help others. If I help more people, it
will be my motivation and responsibility.

For AAK Hydraulic Valves, the customer is mountain, we are the sea. , l/hydraulic-manifolds-aak290
AAK Hydraulic Valve Customer Supply Relationship
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