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Hydraulic valve industry 6 + 1 supply chain, AAK top 1%

Since the epidemic, many work forms have changed. Whether working at home or in
3 + 2 mode, it tells us that the future organization will be a new mode, and
the manufacturers of hydraulic valves are no exception. My understanding of the
future factory is that the factory is a factory, only a limited production
department. Just like our hydraulic valve factory in Cixi, it has only one
function - producing hydraulic valves, which is the "1" in the "6 + 1"
industrial chain.

For hydraulic valve industry, "6" in the "6 + 1" industrial chain refers to: 1)
hydraulic valve design and innovation, 2) procurement (raw materials, or semi-
finished products), 3) warehousing and transportation, 4) order processing, 5)
hydraulic valve sales, 6) after-sales and service; "1" refers to the production
of hydraulic valves. A few years later, our hydraulic valve factory is no
longer crowded. The hydraulic valve workshop is either the sound of machine
tool cutting metal, or 2-3 masters who give machine tool instructions or

Small bosses shouldn't care about the macro-economy, which has nothing to do
with you and me. Just like me, you can focus on a subdivided field of hydraulic
valves, and it is enough to achieve the top 1% in this field. Please note, it
is not Top 1. AAK has always focused on the single product of hydraulic valves.
It works online for 4 hours a day, which is 7,300 hours in 5 years. It has
reached the top 1% of the subdivided field of hydraulic valves. If your
enterprise can't reach the top 1%, add another 2 years and reach 10,000 hours
in 7 years. You must be the top 1%.

Seven years is a watershed for many enterprises. Seven years later, if your
enterprise is still "poor", there must be problems in your cognition, thinking
and method. The "conspiracy theory" on the Internet makes those with simple
brains look less simple. Online "knowledge fast food" makes those who never
"think deeply" look like they can "think deeply". This is not a good way to do
the hydraulic valves.

Online, our circle is no longer restricted by the actual conditions and
regions, and it is easier for those with similar interests to gather together.
Although you may be in completely different industries, or even you and I are
far from each other, the same combination of "cognition" and "Three Reviews"
makes you attract each other. AAK hydraulic valves adhere to our three views
and the top 1% of the industry.

AAK hydraulic valves adhere to a group of people, a lifetime and one thing, let
each user use AAK hydraulic valves without any trouble. AAK hydraulic valves
adhere to the principle of integrity, does a good job in the business of AAK
hydraulic valves, and sincerely treats the customers who purchase each
hydraulic valve. Let more customers use good hydraulic valves with real
materials without wasting money.

AAK hydraulic valves, top 1%, welcome to give it a try. , l/hydraulic-valves-aak194
Hydraulic valve industry 6 + 1 supply chain, AAK top 1%
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