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AAK hydraulic valve defines total quality from 4 aspects

An American IP left a message on our website: I saw your article "I regard
quality as the highest principle of hydraulic valve manufacturing, why?". I
want to know how AAK defines the quality of hydraulic valves. I specially
checked the IP, which is an engineer from an engineering company listed in the
United States.

I thought for half an hour. To define a category, it must be comprehensive.
What are the total quality of hydraulic valves? How much do we understand the
quality of hydraulic valves? First, don't check the encyclopedia, Google, or
hydraulic valve academic, but focus on hydraulic valve common sense. In common
sense, how do you understand the quality of hydraulic valves, because our users
also understand the quality with common sense.

Friends who have read science and engineering know that there is a very famous
management in Japan called total quality management. Of course, PDCA was
invented by American Deming. What is carried forward is in Japan. The well-
known Japanese enterprises implement total quality management. Almost all those
engaged in manufacturing industry know total quality management, but few
mention total quality. Some people say that total quality management has talked
about total quality? Wrong, total quality management does not talk about total
quality, only about management.

For the total quality of AAK hydraulic valves, I have defined 4 kinds of
quality. The 1st is the manufacturing quality of hydraulic valves, the 2nd is
the service quality of AAK, the 3rd is the functional quality of hydraulic
valves, and the 4th is the performance quality of hydraulic valves.

The manufacturing quality of AAK hydraulic valves is now benchmarked with the
international first-line brand, and the future is to surpass the international
first-line brand. Especially in a subdivision field, such as high-pressure
hydraulic valves, we should achieve top 1%.

1. AAK has been hydraulic valve ODM manufacturer for 3 of the world's top 500
for 10 years. The quality control process is strict and self-implementation is
more strict than ISO certification system.
2. AAK has high-precision machine tools imported from Switzerland, Mikron GF
high-precision CNC machining center and GILDEMEISTER turn milling compound
machining center.
3. AAK has a full-time material engineer to check the selection of materials,
which is responsible for screening, comparison, testing new materials connected
with the Research Institute. AAK technical team has engineers from the world's
top 500 hydraulic valve enterprises. They have their own experience in
production drawing design, programming and production line quality control.

Service quality of AAK:
1. AAK provides 24-hour responses, 48-hour solution plans and 72-hour problem
solved before, during and after sales. Our peers dare to think but dare not to
do it.
2. Six international first-line brand enterprises imported from AAK, because of
feel at ease, all the hydraulic valves with low MOQ, high precision and urgent
delivery, were purchased from AAK, due to AAK’s mindfulness.
3. 3-year warranty. Most of our peers dare not think about it, let alone do it.

AAK hydraulic valve function quality and AAK hydraulic valve performance

First, let's find out what the function is and what the performance is? For
example, 8 years ago, our mobile phones could not take pictures, but now smart
phones can take pictures. Taking pictures on mobile phones is a function; The
quality of pictures is a kind of performance. AAK hydraulic valve is
differentiated and different by function and performance, especially in the
field of high-pressure and high-precision subdivision, absolutely different.

AAK hydraulic valve function quality:
1.The complete function of hydraulic valves is the least worth mentioning
guarantee of AAK.
2.Each batch of materials shall be subject to heat treatment and never cut
corners. Each hydraulic valve shall pass through the hydraulic table, with test
reports and video records. Each hydraulic valve shall be tested 3 times and the
test results shall be archived.
3.3 design patents, 4 proprietary production and processing technology, and the
technicians in the core posts have been experienced for more than 8 years.
Their proficiency is like a ruler. The old mechanic who has been in the factory
for more than 10 years can sometimes judge the production status by just
listening to the sound of the machine, and each production link of the
hydraulic valves is engraved in his mind.

Performance quality of AAK hydraulic valve:
1.The hydraulic valve with 3-year warranty has no vibration, no noise and high
pressure resistance.
2.The machining surface accuracy of hydraulic valves is improved to within
0.3μm, the internal leakage can be less than 2drops / min.
3.Hydraulic valves with pressure resistance above 450bar and service life
exceeding 2 million times, AAK hydraulic valve, Any valve, Any one, Any time,
Any Where, just safety.

Maybe I read too few books. I can tell you that almost no master, marketing
master or management master has said the subject of total quality. At least,
the concept of "total quality" has not been put forward in the hydraulic valve
industry. I said a little more narrowly. For the definition of hydraulic valve
quality, AAK is the first person to define the hydraulic valve quality with 4
aspects of total quality.

AAK hydraulic valves, Any valve, Any One, Any time, Any Where, just Safety! , tail/hydraulic-valves-aak233
AAK hydraulic valve defines total quality from 4 aspects
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