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AOC (Active Optical Cable)
The T&S Communication Active Optical Cables (AOCs) achieve high data rates
over long reaches, using a fraction of the power of other brands while
providing streamlined installation for high-performance computing and
storage applications. As a professional AOC factory in China, T&S offers a
wide range of active optical cables with different specifications at good
prices. Feel free to contact us at any time!

AOC Application
Infiniband FDR/EDR

Fiber channels with different specifications

High-performance computing interconnect

Ethernet, Datacenters

Produced by T&S, a mature AOC factory, our active optical cable series can
be applied to various occasions.

FAQs of Active Optical Cable
What is CWDM4 MSA?
CWDM4 MSA is a general specification for low-cost 100g optical interface,
2km in data center application.

CWDM4 MSA alliance was jointly launched by Avago, Finisar, JDSU and Oclaro
on March 31, 2014. Four 25gbps signals are used and multiplexed to two
single-mode optical fibers by CWDM. IEEE 802.3bj kr4 RS FEC technology is

CWDM MSA said the release of the standard has collected feedback from more
than 40 companies, including system OEMs, optical module manufacturers, chip
manufacturers, fiber optic cable manufacturers, etc. At present, members of
cwdm4 MSA alliance include:

Avago Technologies




HiLight Semiconductor Ltd

Hitachi Metals

II-IV Incorporated


Juniper Networks


Mitsubishi Electric



, Oplink


Skorpios Technologies

Sumitomo Electric

What is LWDM?
The full name of lwdm is Lan WDM, which usually refers to a wavelength range
dense WDM technology in 100g optical modules. According to the wavelength
defined by IEEE 802.3, the wavelength of LAN WDM mainly covers 10km.

The wavelength is 1295.56nm, 1300.05nm, 1304.58nm, 1309.14nm.

What is pam4 technology?
Pam4 is a kind of PAM (pulse-amplitude modulation) modulation technology,
namely fourth-order pulse amplitude modulation.

PAM signal is a popular signal transmission technology after NRZ (nonreturn
to zero).

NRZ signal uses high and low signal levels to represent 1 and 0 of digital
logic signal. Each clock cycle can transmit 1 bit of logic information.

Pam4 signal is transmitted by four different signal levels, and each clock
cycle can transmit 2-bit logic information, namely 00, 01, 10, 11.

Therefore, under the same baud rate, the bit rate of pam4 signal is twice
that of NRZ signal, the transmission efficiency is doubled, and the cost can
be effectively reduced.

What kind of SFPs?
SFP, small hot pluggable module. Finger sized transceivers are suitable for
many different rates and protocols, including multimode fiber, single-mode
fiber, copper wire, and multi-wavelength interfaces for WDM systems. In a
pluggable transponder, a pluggable network card is used to transmit a
specific wavelength of WDM.

T&S Communications is one of professional fiber optic accessories suppliers.
We provide WDMs, Fiber Optic Component and so on. Want to know more? Please
contact us.
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