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Air Bag Covers Application High Strength Cross Laminated Film

Three steps of Air Bag Covers Application High Strength Cross Laminated Film

Step 1: Extrusion

► High density polyethylene resin (HDPE) is extruded via the blown film
process to form a tube. The tube is cooled and collapsed into a flat tube.

► After the tube is flattened, it is fed into a multi stage orienter. During
orientation, the film is stretched in the machine direction aligning the
polyethylene molecules. The resulting film is very strong in the machine

► The oriented tube is then annealed and wound up. The annealing step removes
stress in the film and controls shrinkage. The annealed film retains its high
MD strength.

Step 2: Spiral Cutting

► The next step of the process is spiral cutting. In this step, the flattened,
oriented tube in unrolled, rotated and re-inflated to form a round tube.

► As the film is fed forward and rotated, it is cut on a bias (around 45
degrees) and wound up. The spiral cut film’s orientation is at 45 degrees to
the machine direction.

Step 3: Cross Lamination

► Finished spiral cut rolls are mounted on corresponding spindles.

► Films are fed through and laminated with an extruder with their orientation
directions crossed at 90 degrees. The films are laminated together with a layer
of polyethylene.

► After lamination, film is surface treated for ink adhesion and graphic

Finally, the film is wound on a core to estimated yardage.
Air Bag Covers Application High Strength Cross Laminated Film
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