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Contact: Ms. Amaxpower
Ecology Park, 6099 Bao'An Avenue, Bao'An District, Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen 518000
Phone: 86-755-27087972
Fax: 86-755-27087970
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Amaxpower Deep Cycle Gel Battery 12v 200ah 12 Volt Lithium Deep Cycle Batte

China 12V 200Ah Solar Storage Battery Deep Cycle Lithium Battery Solar
Power(12V 200Ah)

Amaxpower HD Series -Gel Solar Deep Cycle Batteries 12V Sealed Lead-Acid
Battery .

Amaxpower solar gel battery 12v 200ah lithium deep cycle marine battery for
solar power lifepo4 battery pack

HD Sereis12V Patented High-Temp Deep Cycle Solar gel battery, own 15-20years
long life, your best partner for solar market and hot area.

AMAXPOWER HD Series is free maintenance deep cycle gel battery with 15-20years
design life in float service. 30% more life than the standard gel battery, 50%
more than the regular lead-acid AGM battery. Using deep cycle design, 4BS lead
paste technology, unique corrosion- resistant grid alloy, high-quality nano
silica gel electrolyte, it is the best choice for backup and frequent cycle
discharge applications in extreme environments; Designed for use in HOT and
COLD places.

Features and Advantages

1. Long cycle life used; The designed life is over 15 years.

2. Wider working temperature at -30℃-60℃; Best choice for working in hot/cold
temperatures and long-life places.

3. High purity lead-tin alloy, reduce battery self-discharge rate and increase
battery service life.

4. High efficiency discharge performance; Low self-discharge rate; Safe and

5. Heat sealing technique instead of glue sealing to increase the tightness and
stability of battery.

6. Using the latest valve regulation technology not only reduces internal
resistance and material costs, but also improves battery life.


Nominal Voltage 12V (6 cells)
Nominal Capacity 200Ah@10 hour-rate
Dimension Length 522±2(20.6 inches)
Width 240±2(9.45 inches)
Height 216±2(8.50 inches)
Total Height 240±2(9.45 inches)
Weight Approx. 59kg (130lbs)
Reference Capacity (25°C/77°F ) 20 hour rate (10.5A) 210Ah
10 hour rate (20A) 200Ah
5 hour rate (36A) 180Ah
3 hour rate (53.3A) 160Ah
1 hour rate (130A) 130Ah
Max. Discharge Current (25°C/77°F) 1200A (5S)
Internal Resistance Full charged at 25℃(77°F): Approx. 3.8mΩ
Charge (Constant Voltage) (25°C/77°F)
Cycle Use

Voltage: 14.4-15.0V

Initial Charging Current: Less than 50A

Float Use Voltage: 13.6-13.8V
Operating Temperature Range Discharge -20~50°C
Charge 0~50°C
Storage -20~50°C
Nominal Operating Temperature Range 25°C ±3°C(77±3°F)
Capacity affected by Temperature

(20 hour rate)

40°C(104°F) 102%
25°C(77°F) 100%
0°C(32°F) 85%
-15°C(5°F) 65%
Self-Discharge (25°C/77°F) After 3 month 91%
After 6 month 82%
After 12 month 64%
Container Material ABS Plastic

-Solar energy system -Telecommunication system
-UPS Systems

-Golf cart and Buggies -Control System
-Power Tools

-Solar and Wind -Emergency Systems
-Railway System

-Aerial work platform -Floor cleaning machine
-Recreational vehicles
Amaxpower Deep Cycle Gel Battery 12v 200ah 12 Volt Lithium Deep Cycle Batte
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