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Automatic Slag Discharge High precision Centrifugal Oil Purifier

1.Scope of application
Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, transformer oil, gear oil,
oil, cleaning oil, rolling oil, cooling oil, engine oil, guide rail oil,
stamping oil, antirust oil, spark engine oil, phosphate oil, water glycol,

2.Working principle
The oil purification device is a three-phase separation of particulate
oil, and water medium, and the sedimentation separation formed according to
different densities, and the sedimentation is accelerated under the action
centrifugal force.Through the centrifuge, the sedimentation acceleration
evolves into the circumferential acceleration. The separated material is
into the heart of the machine, that is, inside the barrate. Under the action
strong centrifugal force, the material passes through the separation
of a group of disc bundles. The disc wall moves out of the neutral hole,
heavy slag accumulates in the sediment area, and the heavy phase flows
to the centripetal pump; the liquid with a smaller specific gravity moves
the disc wall into the neutral hole and converges to the lower centripetal
The light and heavy phases are respectively output by the lower centripetal
pump and the upper centripetal pump; the heavy slag is discharged regularly;
continuous production is implemented.

3.Technical parameters
Model Number:LC-YJ-HWM-G
Scope of application:Oil-Based
Filtration Method:Centrifugal Separation
Slag Discharge Mode:Automatic Slag Discharge
Start Mode:Soft Start
Power Supply Data:Three Phase AC 38V 50Hz
Total Power (Kw):48
Control Panel:Siemens Touch Panel
Drum Capacity (L):20
Drum Speed (r/min):11600
Centrifugal Effect:99%
Working Pressure (Mpa):0.4
Working Noise:≤75 dB(A)
Maximum Handling Capacity:12000
Recommended Flow (L/H):6000~12000
Working Temperature For Oil (℃):45
Moisture after Processing (ppm):<500
Oil Cleanliness (NAS):Maximum level 5
Filtering Accuracy (μm):2
HS Code:8421299090
Equipment Size (mm):1300*950*1700
Package Size (mm):1480*1080*1750
Net Weight (kg):660
Gross Weight (Kg):730

4.Benefits to customers
1) According to the working conditions, under the same conditions, it can
prolong the service life of lubricating oil at least twice;
2) Reduce the cost of hazardous waste treatment by at least 75%;
3) Reduce the cost of downtime due to oil change and increase productivity;
4) Prolong the service life of lubrication parts and reduce associated
maintenance costs;
5) Water removal that directly avoids the side effects of oil
6) Improve the factories’environment ,solve the odor problem and reduce the
turnover rate;
7) Improve environmental protection of waste liquid discharge.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Automatic Slag Discharge High precision Centrifugal Oil Purifier
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