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Date/Time:  11/25/21 3:33 GMT

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer

Calcium ammonium nitrate for sale is a brand-new high-efficiency substance
fertilizer including nitrogen and also offered calcium. It has the qualities
of quick nitrogen supplementation and can be directly soaked up by plants.
This item is a neutral plant food and also has an improved impact on acidic
dirt. When applied to the soil, it won't create dirt compaction, in contrast
it can loosen up the dirt, raise the plant's resistance to illness as well
as advertise the task of useful bacteria in the soil. When growing cash
crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables and also various other crops, the plant
food can prolong the blooming duration, advertise the normal development of
origins, stems and also leaves, lighten up the shade, and also boost the
sugar web content of the fruits.
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer wholesale with covering boron consists
of a high portion of nitrate-nitrogen which can be soaked up straight by
plants with the advantage of fast as well as secure effectiveness and the
ability to provide plants with Nitrogen effectively.
CAN improves soil condition, facilitate the absorption of nutrients stayed
in soil and also makes best use of the utilization rate. The added Boron
will certainly shorten the growing process, secure flowers as well as
fruits, promote the circulation of calcium and also assist in the absorption
of magnesium.
Sanyuan Jiuqi CAN Fertilizer is suitable with other items without the
occurrence of deliquescence and also caking.
When applied as a strong, there is no risk of shedding any of the N as
ammonia gas due to all the nitrogen remaining in the nitrate kind
Calcium Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer
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