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Date/Time:  3/5/21 8:02 GMT

Calcium Magnesium Fertilizer

Product: Calcium Magnesium Fertilizer
Molecular formula: 5Ca(NO3)2·NH4NO3·10H2O 
Molecular weight: 1080.71
Properties: It is powder or white irregular granular, the PH Value is neutral,
which dissolves in water absolutely. It is new type of Nitrate Nitrogen
Fertilizer, It can supply Calcium and Magnesium  to plant quickly .And also be
absorbed by the plant directly; improve photosynthesis effect;  adjust soil PH
Value and improve the crop’s absorbing of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium
in soil, also increased crop resistance. And it can effectively controlling,
preventing Blossom-end rot (BER), a physical disorder common in tomato and
pepper fruits, is related to calcium deficiency in the fruits; core rot of
apple, black-spot disease of pear, brown spot disease etc.
Applications: This product is widely used in greenhouse, large areas of
farmland, can promote plant roots, stems and leaves of growth and development.
For field crops, greenhouse crops and fruits, vegetables, flowers and other
crops. Can be used as base fertilizer, Suitable for spreading, irrigation, drip
irrigation, foliage spraying and other application methods.
Package: 25/50KG woven bag lined with plastic bags, or according to the
requirements of customers. 

Specifications 单位 标准
Total nitrogen ≥% 11
CA+MG ≥% 11
Water insoluble matter ≤% 0.1
Moisture ≤% 3
PH 5-7
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