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cast iron floor bed plate for turning machine

The casting methods of cast iron tables

Small cast iron tables generally use resin sand. On the one hand, it is to
facilitate sand removal. There are also the following reasons:

1. Relatively speaking, lost foam casting has great advantages over traditional
sand molds for the production of single or small batches of automobile covering
parts, machine tool beds and other large molds. It not only saves expensive
wood mold costs, but also facilitates operation. , It shortens the production
cycle, improves the production efficiency, and has the advantages of high
dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance, and good surface quality.  

2. The resin sand mold has good rigidity and high sand mold strength in the
initial stage of casting. This makes it possible to use the graphitization
expansion of the cast iron solidification process to effectively eliminate
shrinkage and shrinkage defects, and achieve fewer and no risers for gray cast
iron and ductile iron.

3. In the production of solid casting, polystyrene foam is used to form furo
resin self-hardening sand. When the molten metal is poured into the mold, the
foamed plastic pattern quickly vaporizes under the action of the high-
temperature molten metal, burns and disappears. The molten metal replaces the
original foamed plastic position, and cools and solidifies into a solid casting
with the same shape as the pattern.

cast iron table

Jinggong Measuring Tools Producing Co., Ltd is specializing in manufacturing
and exporting all kinds of cast iron products,especially for cast iron floor
plates, cast iron surface plates, cast iron clamping plates, cast iron angle
plates, cast iron box table and other machine tool castings. Our engineering
enables us to design the cast iron plates and tables according to DIN
Standards, Indian Standards and Chinese Standards, machining by CNC machine
tools and install in the world market.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

cast iron floor bed plate for turning machine
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