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CNC milling machine is automatic processing equipment developed on the basis of a
general milling machine. Their processing technology is basically the same and
their structure is somewhat similar. CNC industrial machine are divided into two
categories: without magazines and with a magazine. The CNC milling machine with
tool magazine is also called the machining center.

Products are widely used in the manufacturing industry, military industry,
aerospace industry, medical equipment industry, information, and other industries.

TYPES OF cnc machining center for sale

Vertical Machining Center
Our Vertical machining centers mainly include VMC and VL two series, VMC series
include VMC50B, VMC50C, VMC60B, VMC60C, VMC70B, VMC70C.

VMC-series Vertical cnc machinery for sale
VMC-series Vertical Machining Center is a highly automatic multi-functional NC
machine tool with a tool magazine and automatic tool change device. It is mainly
suitable for processing complex parts such as plates, discs, molds, and small
shells. The vertical machining center can complete the processes of milling,
boring, drilling, tapping, and thread cutting.
Buy VMC-series Vertical Machining Center 

VL-series Vertical Machining Center
VL series vertical machining center is mainly for automotive aluminum wheel
milling processing, complete drilling, complex surface processing, and other
processes. This product can also be applied to the processing of various parts
such as plate, plate, shell, and mold.
Buy VL-series Vertical Machining Center 

Gantry Machining Center
We introduce German mineral casting material for our base and column. It has
better shake absorption and Low thermal expansion. Worktable, sliding seat, and
headstock are supported by heavy-duty roller linear rails to ensure high rigidity
and reduce the weight of moving parts.
GMC-series Gantry Machining Center
High-performance gantry machining center. GMC series is designed for mold
production, with 3 axes linear guideway and high-speed motorized spindle, the
machines can be widely used in precise molds manufacture industries.
Buy GMC-series Gantry Machining Center 

GL-series Gantry Machining Center
GL series is our economic gantry machine series and is widely used in different
areas. GL series has an Excellent high-rigidity structure and a Cost-effective
full-stroke machining tool.
Buy GL-series Gantry Machining Center 

Horizontal Machining Center
Single-pallet Horizontal Machining Center
Single-pallets Horizontal machining center is suitable for mass production of
products with complex shapes and high precision requirements, especially the
machining of boxes and complex structural parts. It is widely used for precision
and efficient machining of complex parts in automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding,
and power generation industries.
Buy Single-pallet Horizontal Machining Center 

Double-pallet Horizontal Machining Center
Excellent cost performance can be widely used in various production sites.
Buy Double-pallet Horizontal Machining Center 

5-axis Machining Center
A Five-axis machining center is a machining center with high scientific and
technological content and high precision, which is specially used for machining
complex curved surfaces. This machining center system has a decisive impact on a
country's aviation, aerospace, military, scientific research, precision
instruments, high-precision medical equipment, and other industries. Five-axis CNC
machining center system is the only means to solve the machining of the impeller,
blade, marine propeller, heavy generator rotor, steam turbine rotor, large diesel
engine crankshaft, and so on.

5 Axis Vertical Machining Center
Vertical type 5-Axis Machining Center is a high-end 5-axis linkage machine tool
that developed after taking in the German advanced technology.
Buy 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center 

5 Axis Gantry Machining Center
The structure of our 5-axis machining centers is gantry type, which is high
steady, high rigidity. The design of our 5-axis machining centers is that the
fixed parts are made from mineral casting and the traveling parts are made of high
strength alloy steel which makes our machining centers have excellent precise
retention, fast responsibility, and rapid traveling speed.
Buy 5 Axis Gantry Machining Center 

CNC Milling and Boring Machine
HB Series Horizontal Milling and Boring Machine
HB series horizontal milling and boring machine is our boring machine series and
widely used in different areas. HB series has an Excellent high-rigidity structure
and a Cost-effective full-stroke machining tool.

Buy HB Series Horizontal Milling and Boring Machine 
PBC Series Planer Type Milliling and Boring Machine
The whole machine adopts a movable column structure. It is suitable for machining
medium and large parts. During machining, it is capable of tool feeding and
workpiece feeding.
Buy PBC Series Planer Type Milliling and Boring Machine 

CNC Lathe
CNC lathe is one of the widely used CNC machine tools. It is mainly used for
cutting the internal and external cylindrical surfaces of shaft parts or disk
parts, internal and external conical surfaces with arbitrary cone angle, complex
rotating internal and external curved surfaces, cylinders, and conical threads,
and can carry out grooving, drilling, reaming, reaming and boring.

Horizontal Turning Center Special For Wheel Hub
DEED HP800-WC Horizontal Turning Center is specially designed for wheel hub
machining production. The machine tool adopts a slant bed structure which is
popular widely used in Europe, America, and Japan. The sheet metal adopts a fully
enclosed design, with excellent performance on-chip removal, drainage, and leak

Minimum Order: 1 sets

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