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Cold form blister packaging, also known as cold-formed foil blister packaging,
is a type of pharmaceutical packaging that provides excellent barrier
properties to protect drugs from moisture, oxygen, and other environmental
This type of cold form foil blister packaging is made by placing a
thermoformable plastic film on top of an aluminum foil, which is then shaped
into a blister cavity through a cold forming process. The aluminum provides an
excellent barrier to light, oxygen, and moisture, while the plastic film
provides a tamper-evident and durable outer layer.
Cold form blister packaging is especially useful for drugs that are sensitive
to temperature, light, or moisture, as it helps to maintain the stability of
the drug by providing an airtight seal. The blister packaging is also easy to
open, making it convenient for patients to access their medication.
Another advantage of cold form blister packaging is that it can be customized
to fit a wide range of drug shapes and sizes, and can be printed with brand
logos and other marketing information to increase brand recognition.
Cold form blister packaging from Hysum is a reliable and cost-effective
solution for pharmaceutical companies looking to protect their products and
maintain their efficacy throughout the supply chain.
Aluminum foil composition test system imported from Switzerland
Excellent tensile properties suitable for a wide range of blisters
More flexible material structure suitable for various applications
The best moisture resistance, gas resistance and light resistance
Cutting-edge flexographic coating technologies guarantee better quality
HySum's competitive products that have been trusted by hundreds of mainstream
pharmaceutical companies
He new three-layer composite production line imported from Italy offers
unparalleled quality
Ideal for drugs that are sensitive to moisture, air, and light, or drugs that
need to be upgraded in appearance
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