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PTP Lidding

PTP Blister stands for "Press-Through Packaging" Blister. It is a type of
packaging that is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry to protect and
preserve tablets, capsules, and other solid medications. PTP blister packaging
consists of a plastic blister, usually made of PVC or PVDC, which is sealed
with a lidding foil, typically made of aluminum.
The PTP blister packaging provides a number of advantages over other forms
of pharma packaging:
1. It is tamper-evident, which means that the packaging cannot be opened
without leaving visible signs of tampering. This ensures the safety and
integrity of the medication, as any attempt to tamper with the packaging will
be immediately apparent.
2. PTP lidding blister packaging from Hysum is highly customizable, allowing
for the packaging of medications in a wide range of shapes and sizes. This
makes it ideal for medications that come in non-standard sizes or shapes.
3. PTP blister packaging is highly durable and resistant to moisture, light,
and oxygen. This helps to ensure the stability and potency of the medication
over its shelf-life.
Custom PTP blister packaging is a highly effective and reliable packaging
solution for the pharmaceutical industry, providing protection, customization,
and durability for a wide range of medications. If you are looking for PTP
blister pharma packaging from trusted supplier, welcome to contact us for
more information!
A variety of anti-counterfeiting techniques are available
In-line defect detection and offline rejection
Accurate overprinting of front and back to enhance the image of pharmaceutical
A variety of ways to open, and a variety of child protection design
Domestically rare electronic shaft aluminum foil printers for more perfect
color presentation
PTP Lidding
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