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Conductive Sintered Metal Fiber With High Electrical Resistance

Fecral fiber fecral fiber fecral fiber

Iron-chromium-aluminum (FeCrAl) alloys have long been used as high-
temperature heating elements. Currently, wrought FeCrAl alloys are under
development as one of the promisingcandidates for accident-tolerant fuel
(ATF) cladding materials in light-water reactors (LWRs).These alloys have
shown excellent corrosion and oxidation resistance in a high-temperature
steam environment, compared with current commercial zirconium alloys [6-8].
Their low radiation-induced-swelling and tolerance of off-normal conditions
are also worth noting.Under development efforts for ATF FeCrAl alloys, 10–
13 wt.% Cr and 5–6 wt.% Al have been employed for improved surface
protection effects at both the service temperature and elevated temperatures
in accident-case scenarios. Small amount of alloying elements, such as
molybdenum (Mo) and/or niobium (Nb), have also been added to improve the
strength and control microstructures of FeCrAl alloys.

The Fecral fiber is made of iron-chromium-aluminum alloy wire by a bundle
drawing process and has a diameter of from 8 μm to 40 μm. Fecral alloy is
a new type of electrothermal alloy with high electrical resistance, low
temperature coefficient, long service life, high surface load and good
oxidation resistance. It can be used in higher temperature environment than
stainless steel fibers.

It mainly used as raw materials for the manufacture of automobile exhaust
gas purifiers(GPF), high temperature filter felts, burners, etc.

Main technical specification:
Diameter(μm) Strength level Filament (F) Strength(cn) Elongation
Rate% Weight/meter(g/m)
8 HS 1700 ≥4.5 ≥0.95 0.55~0.65
MS 1700 ≥3.0 ≥0.75 0.50~0.70
12 HS 1700 ≥12.0 ≥1.0 1.3~1.5
MS 1700 ≥9.0 ≥0.8 1.2~1.6
22 HS 1700 ≥50.0 ≥1.20 4.4~5.0
MS 1700 ≥30.0 ≥1.00 4.2~5.2
12 HS 100×2 ≥19.0 ≥1.1 0.14~0.18
Conductive Sintered Metal Fiber With High Electrical Resistance
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