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Contact: Joy Dai
Company: Huabo Network Group Limited
5F,Building A,Pinshun Road No.51,Guanlan Street,Longhua District,Shenzhen,China
Shenzhen Shenzhen
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Date/Time:  9/26/21 1:20 GMT

Core Switch

Huabo Group is the original manufacturer of fiber optic equipment in
Shenzhen,China. We mainly deal with 1.25G/10G Fiber Media Converter /
Switch,POE Switch,Network Switch,Industrial Switch,SFP Modules and
communication equipment. Also, we offer OEM/ODM for world top brands.

What Is Core Switch?
Core switch, also called by backbone switch, serves as the gateway to a Wide
Area Network. They are the last aggregation part of the network and give the
authority for other network core switch to work together in the same system.
Core switch is normally with at least a 10Gbps transmission rate to handle
high-speed traffic. In the core layer, switching ends and routing begins. Core
switches are normally designed with basic routing features according to
different functions needed. Unlike normal core and distribution switches, core
layer switches must also be a layer 3 switch with strong redundancy function to
make sure the traffic and data transmission are fast enough and reliable.

What Are the Differences Between Core Switch and Other Switches?
The biggest difference between the core distribution switch and other switches
is that the core switch has to be a fully core switch and distribution switch.
It’s always required to be fast enough and highly available under all kinds of
circumstances. Since it’s connected with all aggregation switches, core
switches are also demanded to be with enough fault tolerance. For a switch that
is not required to be used in the core layer, it can be both managed and
unmanaged types.

The second difference is that a core switch layer 3 is not always needed,
especially in small networks. In many small networks, there are only several
servers and the network service is just for a certain small number of customers
so there is no actual need for any core switches. Only under certain network
needs scenarios, core switches are needed and can play a big part in it.

The third difference is that for a small or middle-sized network, normally 1 or
2 core switches would be enough. And the second one is normally just for
redundancy. But it's totally different for the aggregation layer, there can be
multiple layers of cascade and aggregation.

HS's Goal On Core Switch
At the moment, we are at the developing phase on core switches. But we've been
noticing it's promising market needs and we’ve made good plans to develop. We
are making progress every day and hope to grow with you altogether.

Minimum Order: 500 cubic metres

Core Switch
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