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CQF Polypropylene magnetic pump

Polypropylene plastic magnetic coupling centrifugal pump (no leakage)

CQF engineering plastic polypropylene corrosion resistant magnetic pump adopts the
permanent magnet coupling to transfer torque. When the motor drives the external
magnetic steel to rotate, it drives the internal magnetic steel rotor to rotate
synchronously through the action of magnetic field, and the internal magnetic
steel rotor is connected with the impeller to make the impeller to rotate without
contact. The liquid is closed in the static isolation sleeve, so the magnetic pump
is a completely closed and has no leakage.

Pump material : RPP polypropylene plastic with good corrosion resistantance)

CQF polypropylene magnetic pump is mainly made of reinforced polypropylene plastic
and has good corrosion resistance to most organic and inorganic acid, alkali,
salty solutions.

Pump body: RPP (reinforced polypropylene plastic)

Impeller and inner magnetic rotor are molded by RPP for the whole unit

Isolating sleeve is molded by RPP.

Pump shaft: alumina ceramics, SiC etc.

Bearing: high density carbon filled with PTFE

Dynamic ring: PTFE

Static ring: alumina ceramics

Seal ring: FKM, EPDM

Pumped liquids

CQF engineering plastic magnetic pump is widely used to convey acid, alkali, oil
etc. rare and precious liquid, venom, volatile liquid, as well as circulating
water equipment, filter equipment. CQF magnetic pump is especially suitable for
the liquids which is easy to leak, flammable, explosive etc. transportation. The
pump driven by the explosion-proof motor is more ideal equipment.


It can be widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum, electroplating,
food, national defense, scientific research institutions, metallurgy, dye and
other units.

Model meaning:

CQF type engineering plastic magnetic pump

CQF 50-25

50- inlet diameter (mm)

CQF- engineering plastic magnetic drive pump

25 - head (m)

Minimum Order: 1 sets

CQF Polypropylene magnetic pump
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