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Contact: Ms. Zhang
Company: Yile Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd
Jiayumutun Village,Qiuzhuang Township,Anci District,Langfang City,Hebei Province,P.R.China
Langfang 100000
Phone: 86-316-2506841
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Date/Time:  10/8/21 3:16 GMT

Crude Magnesium Alloy Emulsified Cutting Fluid , Metal Machining Cutting Fl


YR8701 is suitable for the cutting of magnesium alloys, including turning,
drilling, boring, reaming and many other processing methods. The product has
excellent lubricity, hard water cooling resistance and defoaming. Outstanding
lubrication performance can ensure the surface finish of the machined surface
.Excellent hard water resistance, ensuring the service life of magnesium alloy
processing, thereby reducing comprehensive use costs.

Brand Name: Allens

Model: YR8701

Place of Origin: Langfang, Hebei

Application: Magnesium alloy

Deployment instructions:

Recommended usage: light load processing: 5%, medium load processing: 5%-10%, heavy
load processing: 10%-15%.

Prepare directly with industrial tap water (in order to obtain the best
performance, the recommended water hardness range is <150ppm). When preparing,
first add tap water to the liquid tank, and then stir (or circulate) while adding
the original solution to the specified concentration. After opening the cycle use.

Applicable material: magnesium alloy

Storage instructions:

● Store at room temperature, avoid mixing sundries and other oils

● Avoid direct sunlight and exposure

● Avoid contact with strong oxidants, strong acids and strong bases

● The appearance of the product becomes darker in long-term storage, which does
not affect the use effect

● If frozen at low temperature, it can be used after freezing at 20℃ without
affecting the use effect

Purpose: Magnesium alloy cutting
Crude Magnesium Alloy Emulsified Cutting Fluid , Metal Machining Cutting Fl
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