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Customized ODM Service Sapphire Crystal Watch Case High Mechanical Strength

Product Description

Blue Color Sapphire Watch Case For Luxury Brand

Czochralski method, or CZ method for short. First heating the raw material
to the melting point and then melting to form a melting soup, and then using
a single crystal seed to contact the surface of the melting soup, in the
crystal seed and the solid liquid interface of the melted soup due to the
temperature difference and formed too cold. So the melted soup began to
solidify on the surface of the seed and grow a single crystal with the same
crystal structure as the seed. The seed is also pulled up at a very slow
speed, and accompanied by a certain speed of rotation, with the upward pull
of the seed, the melt soup gradually solidified on the liquid solid
interface of the seed, and then formed a axis of symmetrical single crystal


1. High transmittance

2. High mechanical strength

3. High temperature resistance

4. Scratch resistance

5. Abrasion resistance

6. Customized shape

7. Optional color

Property Specifications
Thickness 0.5-200mm
Size Tolerance ±0.01
Edge Finish Ground and beveled
Surface Quality 40-20 scratch-dig
Surface Flatness λ/4@633nm
Parallelism ≤3 arc min(≤0.9mrad)
Clear Aperture >80% of central diameter
Hardness(Knoop) 1370 kg/mm2
Young's modulus 3.4*1011N/m2
Thermal Limit 22W/m/K
Thermal expansion coefficient 8.4*10-6/K

Customized ODM Service Sapphire Crystal Watch Case High Mechanical Strength
0Customized ODM Service Sapphire Crystal Watch Case High Mechanical Strength
1Customized ODM Service Sapphire Crystal Watch Case High Mechanical Strength

These excellent optical, mechanical, thermal, chemical and electrical
properties determine its important position and role in the military and
civilian fields.

(1) Chemical stability: Sapphire has a high degree of chemical stability and
will not be corroded during most chemical reactions.

(2) Mechanical properties: Due to its high hardness and high strength,
sapphire single crystal can maintain high strength, wear resistance and high
stability in different environments ranging from ultra-low temperature to
1500 ℃ high temperature. At the same time, it is the oxide crystal material
with the highest hardness currently known, second only to diamond up to 9 on
the Mohs scale.

(3) Optical transmittance: The penetration wavelength range of sapphire
single crystal material is 0.19nm-5.5nm, coupled with its excellent chemical
stability, abrasion resistance, high hardness and high temperature
resistance, make the windows made of sapphire and Sensor optical parts are
widely used in high vacuum systems, high temperature furnaces and other
harsh environments.

(4) Thermodynamic properties: The melting point of about 2050°C, coupled
with superior chemical, mechanical and optical properties, make sapphire
crystals widely used in many harsh processing environments.

(5) Wear resistance: Because of its high hardness and transparency, sapphire
crystals are often used to make wear-resistant windows or other precision
mechanical parts.

(6) Dielectric properties: dielectric insulation and constant dielectric

(7) Sapphire also has high tensile strength, erosion resistance, thermal
conductivity, and remarkable thermal shock resistance.
Customized ODM Service Sapphire Crystal Watch Case High Mechanical Strength
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