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Contact: Wang Huaibei
Company: Bengbu Aipu Compressor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
No.282, Longxing Road, Bengbu Industry Park, Huaishang District, Bengbu, Anhui,China
Bengbu, Anhui 233000
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Date/Time:  5/12/21 1:36 GMT

D-type CNG Compressor

Bengbu Aipu Compressor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional reciprocating
natural gas compressor manufacturers from China. Our main products include BOG
compressors, LPG compressors, CNG compressors, recycle gas
compressor,reciprocating gas compressor,oil and gas compressor,and natural gas
compressor for CNG/LNG tank trucks, CNG filling station, LNG filling station,
LNG gasification station, L-CNG filling station, LNG storage station, LNG peak
regulation station, LNG receiving station, LPG filling station, chemical plant,
oil and gas plant, etc. Each of Aipu piston reciprocating compressors is
designed and manufactured professionally on the basis of the technical data and
requirements from the end-users. As one of the leading reciprocating natural
gas compressor manufacturers, we have different types of gas compressors for
sale such as industrial reciprocating compressor, natural gas booster
compressor, reciprocating compressor, etc., which are offered at reasonable
price. We keep developing new technology and manufacturing processes to improve
our different types of gas compressors and gas compression systems so that they
could meet the market demand and the users' expectations.

D-type CNG compressor machine is a mounted skid structure with the advantages
of easy installation and convenient maintain. It is indispensable equipment of
CNG filling station which consists of a compressor unit, metering device, gas
purifying dryer, gas storage device, sequence control plate, gas column, gas
dispenser and other components. The CNG compressor system is widely used in CNG
Filling Standard Station. CNG Filling Daughter Station and CNG Filling Mother

D-type CNG Compressor Feature
Safe and reliable: Wearing parts are of international famous brands, with a
lifetime of 6000-8000 hours.

Environmental protection and energy-saving: Low vibration, low noise and
economical operating costs.

Diversified product structure: Products with M-type and D-type structures are
available, OEM is welcomed.

The high degree of automation: Siemens PLC control, ABB soft start (or
frequency conversion start), automatic shutdown of failure with sound and light

D-type CNG Compressor Application
Flow rate per unit: 100-2000Nm3/h

Drive power: 45-280KW

Inlet pressure: 0.05-4.0Mpa

Power supply: 380V/220V, 3-phrase

Medium: Natural gas (Be in line with Class gas quality standard stipulated
in GB17820 of "Natural Gas")

D-type CNG Compressor Specifications
Model Medium Rotation speed (RPM) Inlet pressure(MPa) Discharge
pressure(MPa) Flow rate m3/min Outline dimension(mm) Motor power  
  (KW) Weight (t)
DFD-3.85/(2-4)-250 CNG 740 0.2-0.4 25 3.85
6750×3700×3500 185 15
DFD-4.2(1-3)-250 CNG 985 0.1-0.3 25 4.2
6750×3700×3500 185 15
DF-1.3/(10-16)-250 CNG 740 1-1.6 25 1.3
6250×3500×3100 185 15
DF-2.4/(4-6)-250 CNG 740 0.4-0.6 25 2.4
6270×3500×3000 165 15
DF-2.86/(2.5-5)-250 CNG 740 0.25-0.5 25 2.86
6270×3500×3000 185 15
DFD-1.6/(8-16)-250 CNG 740 0.8-1.6 25 1.6
6800×3800×3600 220 18
DFD-1.95/(5-12)-250 CNG 740 0.5-1.2 25 1.95
6800×3700×3500 220/204 19
DF-2/15-250 CNG 740 1.5 25 2 6750×3500×3100
250/245 18

Minimum Order: 5 sets

D-type CNG Compressor
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