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Diamond grinding tool disc hardness 30-40 Rockwell machined parts.

Diamond grinding tool disc hardness 30-40 Rockwell machined parts.

Diamond, which is a mineral composed of carbon elements, is an allotrope of
graphite, with a chemical formula of C, and is also the original body of
common diamonds. Diamond is the hardest substance naturally occurring in
The chemical composition of diamond is C, which is a homogeneous and
polymorphic variant of carbon with graphite. In the chemical composition of
minerals, it always contains elements such as Si, Mg, Al, Ca, Mn, Ni, and
often contains impurity elements such as Na, B, Cu, Fe, Co, Cr, Ti, and N,
as well as carbohydrates.
The crystal structure of diamond mineral belongs to the equiaxed tetrahedral
structure of homopolar bond. The carbon atoms are located at the corners and
the center of the tetrahedron and have a high degree of symmetry. The carbon
atoms in the unit cell are connected by homopolar bonds with a distance of
154pm. Common crystal forms are octahedron, rhombic dodecahedron, cube,
tetrahedron and hexaoctahedron, etc.

What are the Diamond Grinding Disc replacement conditions?
1, wear problem
Any grinding wheel has its certain use and wear requirements. If the wear
condition reaches a certain level, it must be replaced with a new one. It
can not be used in order to save material, it is an extremely unsafe
violation. Generally, when the grinding wheel wears to a diameter 10mm
larger than the diameter of the chuck, it should be replaced with a new one.
2, validity period
The new wheels removed from the warehouse are not necessarily qualified
wheels, and even new wheels purchased from manufacturers are not necessarily
qualified wheels. Any grinding wheel has a certain expiration date. If it is
used within the expiration date, it is a qualified grinding wheel; if it is
used beyond the expiration date, it is not necessarily a qualified grinding
wheel. The regulations stipulate that "the grinding wheel should be used
within the validity period, and the resin and rubber bond grinding wheel
must be subjected to a rotation test after storage for one year before it
can be used".
3, texture issues
If cracks are found in the grinding wheel during use, you should stop using
it immediately and replace it with a new one, so as to avoid accidents
caused by grinding wheel breakage.

CNC Machining Description
Product name Diamond grinding tool disc hardness 30-40 Rockwell machined
Material 42Crm Alloy steel
Surface Treatment Tin and CBN
Surface roughness Ra0.5~2um
Material standard ASTM
Operating RPM500-30000, coaxiality<0.05mm
Hardness 30-40 Rockwell
Service available OEM /ODM/Customized/Design
Process CNC Machining,Tin and CBN plating
Drawing Format 3D/CAD/Dwg/IGS/STP
Features High precision, high strength, high quality
Diamond grinding tool disc hardness 30-40 Rockwell machined parts.
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