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A custom dive watch is one of the necessary equipment for diving in the first
stage of its appearing, its role is mainly to help diving operators to
calculate the dive time and the remaining time of the oxygen tank by the outer
ring of the scale. But modern diving uses a variety of electronic equipment,
and now the diving watch's outer ring becomes a decoration.

Corrosion Resistant Flexible Strap
Underwater, whether it's paddling our arms or operating instruments, we need
our wrists to turn flexibly, so, the watch needs to be tightly fitted and fixed
to our wrists. Although many dive watches are fitted with metal straps, the
chemicals in seawater can cause slight corrosion. It is still recommended to
replace them with rubber straps that have better water resistance and corrosion
resistance in diving. Today some brands have developed canvas or synthetic
fiber straps, which are also a good choice.

Luminous Indication
As the basis for underwater time reading, all dive watches are equipped with
eye-catching luminescent hands and scales. Usually, the hands, scales or dials
of dive watches are coated with luminescent materials and the size of the hands
and scales are deliberately enlarged to make reading the time easier for
divers. The early luminescent material was radium, which was discontinued
because it contained excessive radioactive elements. The most commonly used
luminous material now is Super-LumiNova, which absorbs gamma particles in the
light and can last for more than 10 hours (but the intensity of the light will
decay after a certain period).

What Makes a Diver Watch Waterproof?
Where is the part of a bronze diver watch most likely to get water? The answer
is definitely the crown, because it is the only part of the watch that connects
the outside world to the movement. In order to prevent water from entering the
movement through the crown, watchmakers have developed a design called the
screw-in crown, which is a water-resistant ring made of rubber added to the
crown joint. When the crown is screwed down, water is kept tightly out of the
watch (similar to the rubber gasket at the valve of a water pipe at home).
There are also many dive watches that have been upgraded so that they not only
have larger crowns, but by adding deeper pitting to make them more slip-
resistant and convenient to operate underwater.

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