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Dongfeng 5 ton road washing sweeper truck

The 5 ton sweeper adopts Dongfeng Dalika chassis, optional Chaochai 170
horsepower and Yuchai 165 horsepower engines, Wanliyang 6-speed gearbox, air-
cut brake, 245/70R19.5 tubeless tires, single-row forward-turning cab, The
wheelbase is 3800mm, with air conditioning, ABS.

The 5 ton cleaning and sweeping truck is equipped with a Cummins 140 horsepower
auxiliary engine, Italian motor, German high-pressure water pump, with front
flush, side spray, middle spray, rear spray, flushing water gun, dustbin self-
cleaning function, and 2 middle sweeping discs, and Car with the same width
nozzle, universal high-pressure roadside cleaning nozzle, Veyron low-pressure
pump, stainless steel 4-square trash can, 5-square water tank, stainless steel
high-pressure pipeline, German controller, Korean control box, PLC one-key
control, LED tail Arrow lights, engine oil, garbage bins, and water tanks are
equipped with anti-overflow and low water level alarms, indoor monitors for
reversing and cleaning, 18m high-pressure flushing reel, cleaning width 3.5m,
cleaning pressure 10MPa, suction particle size φ110mm.

5 ton washing and sweeping truck dedicated function
1. The 5-ton washing and sweeping truck integrates washing, sweeping, watering
and high-pressure cleaning functions. It adopts the arrangement of "two-plate
brushes in the middle + wide suction nozzle (built-in high-pressure spray rod)
+ side spray rod in the middle". , It has different operation modes such as
full suction sweeping, left sweeping sweeping, right sweeping sweeping, full
sweeping, left sweeping, right sweeping; the electrical system adopts PLC
program one-key automatic control, simple operation, and the controller is
imported from Germany , Reliable performance. When operating, you only need to
select the operating mode, and the startup and shutdown of each operating
mechanism are automatically controlled by programs.

2. The 5-ton washing and sweeping truck is equipped with an advanced voice
prompt alarm device, which can accurately broadcast various safety prompts and
faults. The water tank is equipped with a low water level sensor alarm system,
which automatically alarms when there is no water to prevent the water pump
from being damaged; the garbage bin is equipped with an anti-overflow alarm
device to prevent overflow from the suction pipe during sewage operations and
cause secondary pollution. The whole vehicle has Reversing protection device,
automatically retracts the working device when reversing.

3. The auxiliary engine of the 5-ton washing and sweeping vehicle is equipped
with a vehicle clutch, starting and stopping, the cylinder drives the clutch,
and is engaged after a delay, and the clutch is separated and engaged. It is
automatically controlled by an electronic control system without manual
operation, which effectively avoids the fan. The high-pressure water pump and
the engine are damaged; the high-pressure water pump is imported from Germany.
When the high-pressure water pump is started and the working water valve is
switched, the water pump is automatically unloaded. The air circulation, safety
valve and overflow valve are triple protected to prevent damage to the high-
pressure water pump.

4. The cleaning device of the high-pressure sprayer of the 5-ton washing and
sweeping truck will automatically clean the sewage tank after dumping the
garbage, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator. The tube
can be used to clean the car body and other equipment and facilities. There is
a high-definition monitoring probe on the right sweeping pan and the rear of
the trash bin. A high-definition LCD monitor is installed in the cab. During
operation, the sweeping operation status and the quality of the entire vehicle
operation can be monitored. , gory/isuzu-road-washing-sweeper-truck/

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Dongfeng 5 ton road washing sweeper truck
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