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EDI module is usually placed behind the reverse osmosis system, which not only
overcomes the lack of deep desalination of reverse osmosis effluent, but also
further removes trace carbon dioxide, residual salt, silicon dioxide, boron and
total organic carbon plasma in RO water, greatly improving the quality of purified

EDI plant water treatment is widely used in biotechnology, pharmacy and other
industries that must generally comply with and comply with USP, EP, JP and ChP

※ Post EDI Ultrafiltration

※ A post EDI UF System with 6000 Daltons Molecular Weight Cutoff membranes serves
to produce highly purified water having a compliance with low endotoxin values.

※ A post EDI UF can have a TOC reduction UV with 194 nm wavelength or 254 nm
wavelength for bacterial control as an option.

How Does EDI Water Treatment Works?
Process Principles

Enhanced transfer regime (high salinity)

– Remove strong ions from water

Electroregeneration regime (low salinity)

– Remove ionizable species (weak acids or weak bases) from water

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treatment process, please feel free to contact us!

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system, edi water treatment system, edi in purified water system, edi water
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