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Fengshui Pear

Fengshui Pear
We are offering fengshui pear. Fruit features: fruit suborbicular, brown, sun
have flush and guodian big and many, sepals fall off, fruit more thick short,
(the color orange fruit bagging consequences, surface bright and clean and
attractive) high quality pulp yellowish-white, delicate juicy, stone cells
rarely, taste sweet, soluble solids content degrees 13%-16%, superior quality.
Fresh Feng Shui Pear is a type of Asian Pear with a oval shape and a thin
Golden skin. The surface is tawny. The pulp is juicy and sweet. The flesh is
white, crisp and juicy with a sweet honey-like flavor. Fengshui Pear is high in
fibre and low in calories. They have a high water content and a crisp, grainy
texture. Its mild sweetness and crispy texture of Fengshui Pear makes it a
pleasant addition to any salad or stir-fry.
Name: Fengshui Pear
Origin: hebei-Zhao County, China
Characteristics: Fengshui pear high sugar content, soluble sugar up to about
16 ° , sweet taste; Pulp Yellow and white, tender, juicy, few stone cells,
good taste; high yield, fruit shape, beautiful appearance, 1/15 ha yield more
than 5,000 kg, the single fruit weighs more than 500 G, the flesh is durable
and can be stored in the constant temperature storage until the following
August without deterioration, and the natural storage can be until the Spring
Maturity: 8 -- 9 Months
Weight: 260 grams -- 380 grams.
Storage:Store in a cool and dry place
(1) , 10kgs/ctn 44 # 40 # 36 # 32 # 28 # 24 # each wrapped with paper and
polyethylene fruit caps. It’s a plastic foam tray.
(2) , 15kg/box 60 # each box is wrapped with paper and polyethylene fruit LID.
It’s a plastic foam tray.
Fengshui Pear
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