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Ya Pear/Chinese Yellow Pear

Ya Pear/Chinese Yellow Pear
The name of this cultivar translates to "duck pear," because its shape is said
to be evocative of a duck's tail. Ya Li Asian Pear is commonly cultivated in
Shannxi, Hebei, Shandong, and Henan Provinces of Northeastern China.Ya Li Asian
Pear is a very old cultivar from Northeast China. Large fruit, globular-
pyriform in shape, with crisp, juicy white flesh, and a sweet, fragrant taste.
Ripens mid to late September, stores up 24 weeks.
Ya Li Asian Pear is a specific type of pear imported from China, and are in
season during the autumn and winter months.
They have a very sweet, juicy, white, and crisp flesh, with a smooth light-
yellow skin on the outside.
Ya Li Asian Pear is well known for its scrumptious flavor and crisp texture, Ya
Li Asian Pears are a very popular pear in China, Korea, and Japan.
Ya Li Asian Pears are eaten as a fruit, or used in making Chinese soups and
dessert soups.
Name: Ya Li Asian Pear, Chinese Yellow Pear, Chinese white pear, Chinese fresh
yellow pear.
Origin: Hebei-zhao County, China
Features: Long Oval Fruit, thin and smooth skin, light yellow, brown spots,
sweet, Crisp Flesh, juicy.
Introduce: This breed tree vigor is strong, bark is Dark Gray Brown, annual
branch is Yellow Brown, perennial branch is Red Brown, become branch rate is
low. Leaf Blade broadly ovoid, apex acuminate or Apophysis, base rounded or
broadly rounded, fruit obovoid, near stem with duck-shaped protuberance, fruit
surface yellowish green, near stem with rust spot. The meat is very fine and
crisp, fragrant and juicy, sweet and slightly sour, refreshing, good fertility.
The results are early. It has an aroma after storage. The fruit is a bit bland.
Weight: 150 ~ 300 G
Seasons/Availability:: August to September every year.Yali pears are available
in the early fall through winter.
Supply of Time: YEAR-ROUND BRAND
Packaging: Carton, pulp tray, each pear with white paper, tissue paper, can be
Model weight: 60 # , 80 # , 96 # (17KG/19KG) .
Character: Ellipse Shape, the average size is 8 to 9 centimetre. Juice Sweet
and have a little acid.
Ya Pear/Chinese Yellow Pear
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